Weeto's "City Cowboyz" is out now

Weeto - City Cowboyz Chicano Rap

Long Beach singer/ rapper Weeto is back to the Chicano Rap scene with his new album "City Coywboyz". The LP which consists of 10 songs features artists such as Oowee, A.L.T The Saint, Mexiclan, Zé Stone, Shady Loks, K Rider, D. Dash, Poison The Don and Premonition. I was able to listen to the album before its official release and need to say that "Ol Country Boy" is a really dope song. According to Weeto it was recorded 3 years ago. To buy the album hit up Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Make to follow Weeto's official Instagram account if you aren't doing this already.

01. How Much Baby (feat. Oowee)
02. The Hating 2 (feat. A.L.T The Saint)
03. No Artificial (feat. Mexiclan)
04. Get Smoked (feat. Zé Stone)
05. Wrong One (feat. Shady Loks, K Rider)
06. Hollywood (feat. Mexiclan)
07. Ol Country Boy
08.Jack, Annie And Me (feat. D. Dash)
09. Old School Hating (feat. A.L.T The Saint)
10. Gutter Shit (feat. Poison The Don, Premonition)

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