Weeto's newest LP "Songs Of David Castanova" is out

Weeto - Songs Of David Castanova Chicano Rap

Long Beach native Weeto, who started his career back in the early 2000s on Jonny U's Thick Skin Records, is back with his newest LP "Songs Of David Castanova". The album of the self proclaimed Mexican Nate Dogg was released on March, 3rd. Features include Ese Daz from Spanish Fly, Mr. Shadow, Jay Tee from N2Deep, K Rider, Mocs Mexican, Brown Shady, Lefty Garcia and more. As usual these days you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and wherever digital music is sold. I listened to the album earlier today and need to say that especially the song with Mr. Shadow called "Caddilac Music" is a must listen.

01. Back At It (feat. Ese Daz, K Rider)
02. On The Low (feat. Mocs Mexican)
03. Caddilac Music (feat. Mr. Shadow)
04. Drugs (feat. Jay Tee)
05. Still Wanna Fuck (feat. E40 Water)
06. Tekashi69 Diss, Handle It (feat. K Rider)
07. Street Life Thugs (feat. Lefty Garcia)
08. Best Friends Forever (feat. Casino The G)
09. Bad Nasty Girl (feat. DDash, Jay Tee)
10. Gangsta D (feat. Mocs Mexican, Lefty Garcia)
11. Saturday (feat. Brown Shady, K Rider)
12. In My Bed

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