Weeto's "Tales From The West" are out now

Weeto - Tales From The West Chicano Rap

After releasing his "Songs Of David Castanova" LP is Weeto already back with his 2nd album of the year called "Tales From The West". Featured artists include Premonition, A.L.T The Saint, Don Cisco, Mr. Sancho aka Estilo, David Castanova, Binky Womack and more. To buy the LP move over to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or to wherever digital music is sold. I just finished listening to the record and need to say that it comes with some really good songs. My favorite one is called "Cali4ornia Love [REMIX]" featuring Don Cisco, K-Rider and Roger. For more information about Weeto you can also follow his official Instagram account.

01. Star In The Game (feat. Premonition)
02. Come Over Tonight (feat. A.L.T The Saint)
03. Just For The Night (feat. The Oowee, Premonition)
04. Drinking Last Night (feat. Don Cisco, Mr. Sancho aka Estilo)
05. Get A Dub (feat. Premonition)
06. Cali4ornia Love [REMIX] (feat. Don Cisco, K-Rider, Roger)
07. One Day Maybe (feat. David Castanova, A.L.T The Saint, Binky Womack)
08. Professional Love (feat. David Castanova)
09. She Likes My Flows (feat. Don Cisco)
10. Gangstas In Cali (feat. Don Cisco, K-Rider, Ronnie King)

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