Whyte Smoke's 2nd Crime Family Entertainment album "Tension" is out

Whyte Smoke - Tension Chicano Rap

After releasing his LP "Anxiety" last year is Whyte Smoke already back with his 2nd Crime Family Entertainment album called "Tension". The album was released April, 13th and can be bought from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores. Features include artists such as Mr. Criminal, Dominator, Mr. Shadow and more. Back in November 2017 he already released a video for the song "Yaino" which can be seen by clicking here. In other news Whyte Smoke was also one of the victims that was shot in Salt Like City while touring with the Crime Family Entertainment tour bus. The good news here is that he's doing fine. For more information about him follow his official Instagram account.

01. Intro
02. Bad Perfect
03. Around The Clock
04. Do Or Die
05. Good Night (feat. Jokes)
06. Keep It 100 (feat. Yo Gutta)
07. Twisted (feat. Dominator)
08. Singular (feat. Lady Rome)
09. Skit
10. Rollin (feat. Mr. Criminal)
11. Light It Up
12. Yaino
13. Ghost On Sight (feat. Mr. Shadow, Brenden Roman)
14. Hater Motivated (feat. Yo Gutta)
15. R.A.P (feat. Jokes)
16. Butterfly Poison (feat. Deminity)
17. Outro
18. Around The Clock [BONUS TRACK]

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