Wicked continues "The Movement" with new EP

Wicked - The Movement Chicano Rap

Through 2019 Wicked, the last living original Brownside member, released a couple of singles. For "We Won't Stop", a video hit YouTube which can be seen by clicking here. Late August he released his last single, a dedication to Toker called "1:17 Our Time Ain't Free" featuring Rich G aka Rich Garcia. October, 2nd saw the release of an EP titled "The Movement" including the singles as well as 2 new songs. Besides Rich G features include Klever, Lady Benz and Bozo. The EP can be bought from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. If you ask me it's a nice collection of songs, so don't forget to add this to your Chicano Rap collection!

01. 1:17 Our Time Ain't Free (feat. Rich G)
02. Day One (feat. Klever, Lady Benz, Rich G)
03. Credibility(feat. Rich G)
04. I Am (feat. Bozo)
05. Doubt In Everything
06. We Won't Stop

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