Wicked released long awaited new album "Ladocafe On Mine"

Wicked - Ladocafe On Mine Chicano Rap

12 years after releasing his last solo album "One Out Of Many" is Wicked back his 4th solo effort called "Ladocafe On Mine". The last living original Brownside member already released a video for the song "While I Was Away" which can be seen by clicking here or by clicking on the link below. When it comes to features you are only going to hear Toker on 2 songs. As usual you can get the album from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. So far I have no information about if there will be pressed copies or not. I bought the digital version a couple of days ago and need to say that Wicked released a really solid album with "Ladocafe On Mine", so don't sleep on it!

01. While I Was Away
02. Hustle Game Stron
03. Plato O Plomo
04. It Is What It Is (feat. Toker)
05. All That Smoke
06. Real Recognize Real (feat. Toker)
07. The Killer In Me
08. Just Saying
09. Malicious Intent

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