Wreckless finally released long awaited album "Recognition"

Wreckless - Recognition Chicano Rap

All the way back in September 2018 Wreckless released the video for his single "Cali Ridin'" featuring Victoria. Now the Santa Maria native finally released his album "Recognition" through Mr. Criminal's Crime Family Entertainment after being pushed back a couple of times. Besides Victoria you will also hear artists such as Erok, Lady Sinner, Aly, Busta, Grande and Triple C's own Dominator. All videos for songs from the album can be seen by clicking on the respective link below. If you like what you hear make sure to buy the album from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Got It (feat. Erok)
02. Through My Eyes (feat. Lady Sinner)
03. I Remember (feat. Aly)
04. Take A Cruise (feat. Busta)
05. Cali Ridin' (feat. Victoria)
06. I Miss (feat. Busta)
07. Where I'm From (feat. Grande)
08. The Valley
09. Cold Streets (feat. Grande)
10. The West (feat. Erok, Dominator)

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