Young Trav finally released "Stomping Grounds" album

Young Trav - Stomping Grounds Chicano Rap

3 months after releasing "One Of A Kind" is Young Trav back with his newest album "Stomping Grounds". It has actually taken him quite some time to finally put this one out as he already promoted this as his upcoming LP back in 2016. I have no idea why it has been pushed back that long but it was worth the wait as it's packed with 25 songs. Features include Bad Azz, Y.B.V, MC Eiht, Big2DaBoy, Knightowl, Baby Wicked, SinGee, L-Boy, Lil Sicko and more. As usual you are able to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or wherever digital music is sold. I have no idea if he will release pressed copies but if you are interested hit up Young Trav directly through his official Instagram account by clicking here.

01. These Rappers All Talk
02. Brown Superman
03. Stare Are Out (feat. Bad Azz)
04. Disappear
05. What I've Done
06. Bar Exam (feat. Y.B.V)
07. King Of California
08. Stay Strapped
09. Live Better
10. Don't Test It (feat. MC Eiht, Big2DaBoy)
11. Ain't Nobody (feat. Knightowl)
12. My City
13. Last Forever
14. Act So Brave
15. Get It On With Me (feat. Knightowl)
16. Mistakes (feat. Baby Wicked)
17. Never Again (feat. Y.B.V)
18. Never Listen (feat. SinGee)
19. Keep It Gangsta (feat. Knightowl)
20. Rap Or Die (feat. Big2DaBoy, Y.B.V)
21. Throw Yo Hood Up (feat. Big2DaBoy, MI)
22. Protect Mine (feat. Y.B.V)
23. Stay Alive (feat. Stop Loak, L-Boy)
24. All About Survival (feat. Knightowl, Lil Sicko)
25. You Best Not Ever (feat. Knightowl)

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