Young Trav released "War Paint" LP

Young Trav - War Paint Chicano Rap

Young Trav, one of Chicano Rap's hardest working artists when it comes to releasing fresh content, is back with his latest album called "War Paint". The LP which was already released a end of February features Seldom Seen, Cyco Bullet, Lil Sicko and Kozme. As usual these days you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. The other day Trav sent me the cover of his upcoming album "California Legend" which is supposed to be out soon. For sure we will let you know more about this release once it's available, so keep an eye open.

01. Feel The Shots (feat. Seldom Seen)
02. My Point Across
03. Speakin' On The Facts (feat. Seldom Seen)
04. This Ic Clique (feat. Cyco Bullet)
05. Went No Where (feat. Lil Sicko)
06. Closed Caskets
07. We Roll Strapped (feat. Lil Sicko)
08. My Own Lande
09. All Day & All Night
10. Enough Said (feat. Seldom Seen)
11. My Princesses (feat. Kozme)
12. Oh Honey

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