Young Trav's new LP "One Of A Kind" is out

Young Trav - One Of A Kind Chicano Rap

Already a couple of weeks ago Young Trav released the physical copies of his new album "One Of A Kind". Late November the LP finally hit digital music stores as well. "One Of A Kind" includes features from Mr. Shadow, Nino Brown, Crooked I, Glasses Malone, Oside Blaze, Seldom Seen, Layzie Bone, Johnny Rourke and Sloan Bone. If you ask me that's what I would call a massive line-up. To get your MP3 version you can hit up Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores. If you are interested in a phsyical copy you can hit up Young Trav directly by moving over to his official Instagram account.

01. Intro
02. Eyes Of A Killa (feat. Mr. Shadow, Nino Brown)
03. My Coast (feat. Crooked I, Glasses Malone)
04. Bump To (feat. Oside Blaze)
05. It's All Over (feat. Mr. Shadow)
06. Manhunt (feat. Seldom Seen, Oside Blaze)
07. How I'm Livin (feat. Layzie Bone)
08. My Grind Still (feat. Mr. Shadow, Seldom Seen, Oside Blaze)
09. How It Go Down (feat. Seldom Seen)
10. Bars
11. Where I'm From (feat. Johnny Rourke)
12. Step To (feat. Seldom Seen, Sloan Bone, Oside Blaze)
13. Hit Em'

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