Young Uno goes "Back To The Old School" with new LP

Young Uno - Back To The Old School Chicano Rap

About 2 weeks ago did Young Uno release his newest album "Back To The Old School" through SL Entertainment. Uno who is of the dopest new artists in the Chicano Rap game has also released a couple of videos to promote the LP which can all be seen by clicking on the links below. Features include rappers such as Mister D, Ese Bobby, Saint, Hillside, Thee Kas, OG Ese Trouble, Trouble Kidd or Cold 187um aka Big Hutch. Untypical for SL Entertainment so far only the digital version is available but phsyical copies are supposed to hit the streets the next couple of weeks. If you want to get the digital version you can move over to Amazon, iTunes or Tidal.

01. These Hoes (feat. Trouble Kidd, Mister D)
02. I'm A Rider (feat. Mister D, Saint)
03. Smoke Weed Daily (feat. Thee Kas, Hillside, Saint)
04. This Is The City (feat. OG Ese Trouble, Hillside, Saint)
05. Black Or Brown (feat. Cold 187um, Mister D)
06. Been Around The World (feat. Thee Kas, Saint)
07. Vato (feat. Cold 187um, OG Ese Trouble, Saint, Ese Bobby)
08. Life's A Gamble (feat. Saint, Mister D)
09. Cry No More (feat. Cold 187um)
10. Love Don't Love Here (feat. Mister D, Trouble Kidd)
11. That Gangster Team
12. The Craziest

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