Young Uno released his debut album "King Of The South..."

Young Uno - King Of The South... Chicano Rap

Young Uno, one of the Southland's most buzzing artists, released his debut album "King Of The South..." through SL Entertainment a couple of days ago. The only 2 features are Mister D and Saint. About 2 weeks ago a video for the song "Southlands Coming" hit YouTube. To watch it click here. If you like what you hear and see you can buy the physical version from the official SL Entertaiment eBay page. Since the digital version has been submitted to the distributor yesterday it's not available everywhere yet. For now you can get it from Amazon but more digital retailers will follow the next days.

01. Intro
02. Don't Push Me
03. In The City
04. Southlands Coming
05. Waiting For You
06. Wanna Freak (feat. Mister D)
07. Laugh Now, Cry Never
08. Life Is Good
09. Lay Down, Stay Down (feat. Saint)
10. Wanna Be A Gangster
11. Run A Muck
12. Addicted
13. Don't Wanna Feel Like This
14. I Miss You
15. Outro

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