Zig Zag of NB Ridaz returns with new solo album

Zig Zag - Slow Rida Chicano Rap

Early August did former NB Ridaz member Zig Zag release his new record called "Slow Rida" through Selo's label West Coast Royalty. The album which comes with a long list of features includes appearances by D. Salas, Rigo Luna, Brown Boy, Meg'n, Simes Carter, Selo, Pangie, Nino Brown, K-Lud, Mob Fam, Sykk One, Damo Reel, Nu Era, Johnny C and Paige. The official press release reads like this: "Zig Zag of The NB Ridaz brings you "Slow Rida" including 12 brand new songs plus 3 bonus songs. He's back with his classic slow jam flavor.". As usual you can get it from Amazon or Google Play. According to Selo he's going to release a new Brown Boy solo album next, so keep an eye open!

01. After All This Time (feat. D. Salas)
02. Give It All (feat. Rigo Luna)
03. Love Remains (feat. Brown Boy, Meg'n)
04. You Never Know (feat. Simes Carter)
05. Baby Come Back (feat. Selo, Pangie)
06. Crazy For You (feat. Nino Brown, K-Lud)
07. If You Were Mine (feat. Mob Fam, Sykk One)
08. Be Alright (feat. Simes Carter)
09. Hate Love (feat. Sykk One, Selo)
10. Wait Until Tonight
11. Real One (feat. Damon Reel)
12. Always Be Around (feat. Nu Era)
13. Baby Come Back [BONUS VERISON] (feat. Selo, Pangie)
14. Butterfly [BONUS TRACK] (feat. Johnny C, Paige, Rigo Luna)
15. Crusin' [BONUS TRACK] (feat. D. Salas)

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