King Of The West

[2006, Low Profile Records]

Mr. Knightowl - King Of The West Chicano Rap

Mr. Knightowl - King Of The West Chicano Rap

01. Rock The Gansta Shit (feat. Big Syke)
02. Lately (feat. Big Syke, Jayo Felony, Slush The Villain)
03. Lifestyles Of A "G" (feat. Big Syke, King Sandman)
04. Gangsters Don't Rest (feat. Mr. Shadow)
05. West Coast Gangsta (feat. Daz Dillinger)
06. Don't Try To Step Me (feat. Mr. Lil One, S.A.D)
07. Watch Your Zone (feat. Sick Jack)
08. Who Gave You The Right (feat. Slush The Villain)
09. Everybody's Talking (feat. Steve Vicious)
10. Would You Sell Your Soul (feat. Slush The Villain)
11. Slutty Girls (feat. Kozme)
12. Be My Girl (feat. Chris Gunn)
13. In Love With A Gangster
14. Mix

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