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"Old Town Gangster Hits Vol. 1" finally …

Albums 04-02-2023 By Funkadelic

Slow Pain - Old Town Gangster Hits Vol. 1 Chicano Rap

By coincidence I saw yesterday that another Chicano Rap classic finally hit the digital world. This time it's the compilation "Old Town Gangster Hits Vol. 1" which was originally released by Old Town Records and Familia Records back in 2004. The album includes 12 songs from differnet Old Town Records releases, a catalog which is still missing in the digital world ... Read more

B-Raw starts the year with new EP "Field …

Albums 01-02-2023 By Funkadelic

B-Raw - Field Times Vol. 2 Chicano Rap

The last time you heard of Bakersfield artist B-Raw on CalifaRap was when he released his debut album "The Confidential Files " back in 2020. In 2021 he released an EP called "The Field Times". Now he's back with another EP entitled "Field Times Vol. 2". The album which was released by Field Boyz Musik features Mr. Penguin, Yung Skitzo, ... Read more

Lil G is back with new album "Love Dedic …

Albums 31-01-2023 By Funkadelic

Lil G - Love Dedications Chicano Rap

Former Hi Power Entertainment recording artist Lil G (aka Lil G 909), who started his own company Different Stilo Entertainment a while ago, released his brand new album "Love Dedications" January, 22nd. Featured artists are Triggerman, River Cash, Lil Tweety, Carolyn Rodriguez, D. Salas, Boxer Loco and the Hi Power Soldiers. Below you find the link to 3 videos Lil G ... Read more

Chicano Rap classic hit digital world 29 …

Albums 11-01-2023 By Funkadelic

Brown Pride - Livin' In The Barrio Chicano Rap

About 29 years after its original release did the Chicano Rap classic "Livin' In The Barrio" finally hit digital music stores. The LP was released by Wilmington based group Brown Pride through by Familia Records back in 1993. These days the physical version is either hard to get or mostly not for under $50, a true collectors item. Now you can ... Read more

L.A Rich's "The Roll Up" is out now …

Albums 01-01-2023 By Funkadelic

L.A Rich - The Roll Up Chicano Rap

323 based artist L.A Rich released a brand new EP called "The Roll Up" right at the end of 2022. The only feature on the 3 track EP is Pyro Da Banga, who also produced the song "Wave". The 2 other cuts were produced by Criz Beetz who is well known for his work with SL Entertainment, Selo and more. "The ... Read more

Breez presents "The Journey" EP …

Albums 01-01-2023 By Funkadelic

Breez - The Journey Chicano Rap

People that have been a member of our forum, the CalifaRap Community , since back in the days will remember producer Loon3. He's now going by the name of Breez and just released a brand new EP called "Breez Presents... The Journey". Besides Mic Uno, who can he heard on every song of the album, featured artists include Monstro and ... Read more

News - Singles

Conejo released single #4 for 2023

Singles 04-02-2023 By Funkadelic

Conejo - Music Blast Chicano Rap

Yesterday Conejo released his 4th single of the year called "Music Blast". The new song features Trouble Kidd as well as Mr. Dee. Earlier today the video for the song hit YouTube and can be seen by clicking here. I think I don't have to tell you that you can stream the new single on Spotify or ... Read more

Eternal calls us to "Let The Record Spin …

Singles 29-01-2023 By Funkadelic

Eternal - Let The Record Spin Chicano Rap

Baldwin Park based rapper Eternal really caught my attention when he released his single and video "Make Your Move " a couple of months ago. I've been listening to this funky jam regular since then. Now he's already back with his newest single called "Let The Record Spin" produced by Asend Beats. To stream it move over to ... Read more

Sevens Muzik starts 2023 where 2022 ende …

Singles 28-01-2023 By Funkadelic

Sevens Muzik - With My Homies Chicano Rap

Chicano Rap veteran Sevens Muzik aka Seven started the new year where the old one had ended for him, with a brand new single called "With My Homies". The slapper which features King Lil G and Bella can be streamed on Spotify or Tidal and can be downloaded from Amazon or iTunes . If ... Read more

DJ AK teamed up with Sally Green again f …

Singles 16-01-2023 By Funkadelic

DJ AK - Stop It Chicano Rap

Long time Chicano Rap fans will remember french producer DJ AK for his production he did for Hi Power Entertainment, Low Profile Records and many other well known labels and artists. Lately he teamed up with Oakland based female vocalist Sally Green to bring you funk singles such as "Slide" and "Heartbeat". Now the duo is already back with another funky ... Read more

Spanky Loco released 2nd single for upco …

Singles 10-01-2023 By Funkadelic

Spanky Loco - Hate Chicano Rap

Mid December did Spanky Loco release the 1st single "Money On My Mind" of his upcoming solo album "Crazy Life". Now he's alredy back with a 2nd cut called "Hate". For now you can stream it on Spotify and Tidal or buy it from Amazon or iTunes . He already posted preview ... Read more

Check out Bullet's new single "Last Ones …

Singles 28-12-2022 By Funkadelic

Bullet - Last Ones Left Chicano Rap

City of Angels based rapper Bullet who started his career back on Down 4 My Shit Records released his latest single "Last Ones Left" end of November. The song which was released through his own independent imprint Jack Boys Music is written and produced by him. It shouldn't be a surprise to you that you can stream the audio on ... Read more

News - Other

The G-Funk Junkies Podcast discusses Chi…

Others 03-02-2023 By Funkadelic

The G-Funk Junkies Podcast Chicano Rap

Our friend Wyze from The G-Funk Junkies Podcast released a brand new episode a couple of days ago. In the new episode Wyze touches the topic "Is Chicano Rap Dead?" which was started by our former CalifaRap Community member The-Sick-One aka Prime and the topic "Who Is The King Of Chicano Rap?" which was started by Conejo in response to... Read more

Rocky Padilla is getting ready to celebr…

Others 02-02-2023 By Funkadelic

Rocky Padilla Chicano Rap

R&B legend Rocky Padilla is getting ready to celebrate 40 years in the game. According to a post on his official Instagram he's going to release a "40th Anniversary" project split into 2 volumes containing over 75 songs. We can only take a guess if it will be all old songs or if it will also include at... Read more

Malow Mac announced name of upcoming alb…

Others 29-01-2023 By Funkadelic

Malow Mac Chicano Rap

It seems that Malow Mac kept himself busy after releasing "Ghetto Boy" in 2022. 2 days ago he posted a video of his '62 Chevy Impala "Cali Cream" on his official Instagram account. In the text that came with the video he announced that his upcoming album is called "Chicano Rap Reloaded" and that it is coming soon. The... Read more

R.I.P Payaso

Others 31-12-2022 By Funkadelic

Payaso Chicano Rap

Despite seeing the bad news earlier today I'm still in shock that Chicano Rap (not just Rap) legend Payaso passed away due to a heart failure. When it comes to his own music he's well known for his classic "Cruising Oldies" series as well as his album "True Blue" which was released by Low Profile Records. When he was active... Read more

Check out "The G-Funk Junkies Podca…

Others 28-12-2022 By Funkadelic

The G-Funk Junkies Podcast Chicano Rap

CalifaRap.Net regulars have most likely noticed that we didn't post a new Throwbacks Review by 2xDope aka Wyze for more than 2 years. The reason for that is quite easy, he started his own successful podcast called "The G-Funk Junkies Podcast". The already released episodes include discussions about albums we also reviewed on here as well as other albums and... Read more

Jasper Loco is getting ready to release …

Others 28-12-2022 By Funkadelic

Jasper Loco Chicano Rap

213 native and former Charlie Row Campo member Jasper Loco is getting ready to release a brand new album called "Too Much To Lose". The cover was posted in a story on Jasper's official Instagram account and can be seen by clicking here. So far the only information on when the new LP will be out... Read more


Mr. Lil One - Wasted Days And Wasted Nig…

Throwbacks 24-05-2020 By 2xDope

Mr. Lil One - Wasted Days And Wasted Nights Chicano Rap

From the moment I started listening to music, a reoccurring thought I have always had is whether or not an artist likes every song they record for an album. As I grew older, I began to realize that my hunch wasn't that farfetched: Slash from Guns N' Roses wasn't fond of "Sweet Child Of Mine", Dr. Dre hated "Deep Cover"... Read more

VA - Brown & Proud Vol. 1

Throwbacks 23-05-2020 By 2xDope

VA - Brown & Proud Vol. 1 Chicano Rap

I want to start this off by saying "thank you" to Amazon for fucking up on my order. Thanks to their logistic error, I got the album for free. Now, long ago, in my quest for Chicano Rap, I randomly came across the Aztec Tribe. I remember I first I heard "Commin' In Stalkin'" from their 1996 album and the... Read more

Brownside - Payback

Throwbacks 26-10-2019 By 2xDope

Brownside - Payback Chicano Rap

In commemoration of Toker's passing, this nineth of October marks the first anniversary since he left this earth. He and the entire Brownside left their mark in the game, imprinting a legacy that will last forever. A group whose story is haunted with tragic deaths and unrealized potential, managed to accomplish plenty in a time when you had to stand... Read more

Old Town Gangsters - Old Town Gangsters …

Throwbacks 23-10-2019 By 2xDope

Old Town Gangsters - Old Town Gangsters 2... Hood Patrol Chicano Rap

Slow Pain's decades long prolific career has brought so many projects into fruition. Everything from solo to group albums, collaborations and compilations; you name it and Slow Pain has done it. Some 10 years ago, a random person sent me a question on YouTube. He asked if I could help him figure out a song playing in a video of... Read more

Music videos

Conejo feat. Trouble Kidd …

Videos 04-02-2023 By Funkadelic

Jasmine Cruise - Dedicated To …

Videos 03-02-2023 By Funkadelic

Mr. Lil One - Just Be Good To …

Videos 28-01-2023 By Funkadelic

Knightmare - I'm Here To Stay

Videos 28-01-2023 By Funkadelic

Knightmare - Silence Is Golden

Videos 28-01-2023 By Funkadelic

Mr. Criminal - Sick Thoughts

Videos 28-01-2023 By Funkadelic

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