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Kid Frost teams up with MC Magic for 2nd …

Latest 18-02-2024 By Funkadelic

Kid Frost - Lowrider Girl Chicano Rap

"Take Me For A Ride" was Kid Frost's 1st single of his upcoming album "Whittier To Atlantic". His 2nd, "Lowrider Girl", was released a couple of days ago. The song features MC Magic and Claudia Liz. A video was released as well and can be seen over at YouTube . It should not surprise you that you can also hear ... Read more

Cali Life Style keeps on putting out fre …

Latest 18-02-2024 By Funkadelic

Cali Life Style - Quiet Storm Chicano Rap

As you know did Cali Life Style release an EP called "Street Dreams Vol. 1" at the end of 2023. They also already released a single called "Nuthin Less" which wasn't on Vol. 1. Now they are back with their newest joint called "Quiet Storm". The production was handeled by T-Dre himself and Dominator. You can watch the video by ... Read more

The K.A.S released new single and will b …

Latest 17-02-2024 By Funkadelic

The K.A.S - Thick Hipz & Banan Klipz Chicano Rap

The K.A.S aka Lil Kasper teamed up with Criz Beetz for his single "Thick Hipz & Banana Klipz". Spotify is providing the stream while Amazon and iTunes do also provide the download. Fans that want to see him perform live have the chance to do so next week at Sesh Up Whittier and March, 3rd ... Read more

"El Chicano" by Mr. Lil One is out now …

Latest 17-02-2024 By Funkadelic

Mr. Lil One - El Chicano Chicano Rap

Mr. Lil One's long awaited latest solo project "El Chicano" finally hit the digital world earlier today! Features include Norman Carter from The Delfonics on his hit single and title song "El Chicano", Finis, Mr. Shadow and Ari. The video for "Just My Imagination" can be seen by clicking here . If you like the audio you can stream the ... Read more

El Indio released 2nd single of the year …

Latest 04-02-2024 By Funkadelic

El Indio - From The Ghetto Chicano Rap

Shame on me but I didn't even notice that El Indio, formerly known as Baby Jokes, returned to the Chicano Rap game after focusing on his acting career the last couple of years. His 1st single "Made Men" featuring YelloHill and Young Doepy was released mid January. Just 2 days ago he released another banger called "From The Ghetto". A visualizer ... Read more

If you like the funk check out "Funk Tow …

Latest 01-02-2024 By Funkadelic

Big E - Funk Town Chicano Rap

For his latest single "Funk Town" did Big E team up with SlumpBoyz and CamDaGuapo. The title of the track tells you what to expect from the song, nothing but a funky tune. It's been on repeat in my playlist for a couple of days already. If you want to stream "Funk Town" move over to Spotify or ... Read more

SSOL released 28 new songs on "To The Mo …

Latest 28-01-2024 By Funkadelic

SSOL - To The Moon And Back Chicano Rap

Yesterday 805 based group SSOL aka Smooth Stylez Of Life returned to the Chicano Rap game with a brand new album called "To The Moon And Back" containing 28 songs! Features include artists such as Lil Vandal, Bona Bones, Sara Shine, Djflo24 and more. Currently the LP is only available digitally but pressed copies are supposed to be available in February. ... Read more

4 new songs are featured on "The Reset" …

Latest 26-01-2024 By Funkadelic

Conejo - The Reset Deluxe Edition Chicano Rap

Last summer Conejo released his classic album "The Reset". A couple of days ago he dropped an deluxe edition which is coming with 4 additional songs. The tracks were originally recorded for the 1st release but didn't make the final album. If you ask me all 4 of them are dope and it's good that they have finally seen the light ... Read more

Brand new Mr. Criminal "Kickin Back Bein …

Latest 25-01-2024 By Funkadelic

Mr. Criminal - Kick Back Being Blue Part 2 Chicano Rap

Mr. Criminal and Baldwin Park's own Lefty Gunplay teamed up to bring you part 2 of one of my favorite songs by Mr. Criminal "Kickin Back Being Blue". The single can be streamed on Spotify and can be bought from Amazon or iTunes . To promote the release Mr. Criminal also streamed another episode of his ... Read more

Ese Saint ends the year with releasing " …

Latest 24-12-2023 By Funkadelic

Ese Saint - Tribute To The Oldies Pt. 2 Chicano Rap

Just 2 weeks after releasing "Tribute To To The Oldies" to the digital world is Ese Saint already back with the release of part 2. It features artists such as K.A.S, Midget Loco, Hollside Banger, Chino 40 and more. Compared to the physical version the bonus track with Malow Mac and Mister D is missing. If you are interested in listening ... Read more

Young Trav is wondering if heaven got a …

Latest 23-12-2023 By Funkadelic

Young Trav - I Wonder If Heaven Got A Studio Chicano Rap

Right before Christmas is Young Trav back with latest solo album "I Wonder If Heaven Got A Studio". Interestingly the LP is currently only available on CD since the digital release will not be available before February 2024. Featured artists include Mr. Lil One, G Perico, Yukmouth, Ras Kass and more. If you are interested in ordering your copy, which is ... Read more

MC Peps bring us a remix for "It's A Mat …

Latest 22-12-2023 By Funkadelic

MC Peps - It's A Matter Of Pride Remix Chicano Rap

After making his return to the Chicano Rap game earlier this year is MC Peps back with the "It's A Matter Of Pride" remix, which will most likely be his last single for 2023. The new joint features Rkeyzz on the talkbox. The video can be seen by clicking here . It should be no surprise that you find the ... Read more

Mister D released album #1 out of 3 call …

Latest 15-12-2023 By Funkadelic

Mister D - Come Back To Me Part 1 Chicano Rap

As you know Mister D is going to release 3 albums in a row to the digital world, which will available as a 3 disc collectors edition at a later stage. Earlier today he released LP #1 called "Come Back To Me Part 1". It comes with a hand full of features including Hillside, Cold 187um, Trouble Kidd, Young Uno and ... Read more

Chicano Rap's godfather is back with "Ta …

Latest 14-12-2023 By Funkadelic

Kid Frost - Take Me For A Ride Chicano Rap

The godfather of Chicano Rap Kid Frost is back with a brand new single called "Take Me For A Ride" featuring Baby Bash, Lil Rob and Claudia Liz. A couple of hours ago the video for the song hit YouTube and can be seen by clicking here . Of course you can also stream the audio over at ... Read more

"All To The Bueno" pre-sale started …

Latest 13-12-2023 By Funkadelic

Lil Rob - All To The Bueno Chicano Rap

Early November did Lil Rob's 1st new album in years "All To The Bueno" hit digital stores. A couple of days ago he finally posted a link on his Instagram account from where you can order the physical copies. There are 2 versions ready to be purchased: a signed version which is going for $30 and an unsigned version which is ... Read more

Cali Life Style's "Street Dreams Vol. 1" …

Latest 13-12-2023 By Funkadelic

Cali Life Style - Street Dreams Vol. 1 Chicano Rap

Cali Life Style's return started with the release of their single "Street Dreams" about 2 years ago. 5 more singles hit the digital world after the original release. Now 5 of the 6 songs will be combined on the upcoming "Street Dreams Vol. 1" EP which will be released by Silent Giant Entertainment December, 22nd. Only the latest song "Nuthin Less" ... Read more

Mr. Capone-E and Down bring you a new si …

Latest 07-12-2023 By Funkadelic

Mr. Capone-E - Cholo Slide Chicano Rap

Mr. Capone-E teamed up with Down aka Kilo, the rapper who brought you the hit "Lean Like A Cholo", for a brand new single called "Cholo Slide". To stream the new cut move over to Spotify or Tidal. If you want to purchase the audio then Amazon and iTunes are the right places. ... Read more

"Tribute To The Oldies" hit the digital …

Latest 06-12-2023 By Funkadelic

Ese Saint - Tribute To The Oldies Chicano Rap

Back in 2021 did Ese Saint aka Saint Music release his 1st all oldies album "Tribute To The Oldies" through West Koast Soldiers Ent. A part 2 was released a couple of months after the original release. Both albums were only released in the streets. Fans who haven't been able to locate a copy will be happy to hear that part ... Read more

Mister D is set to release 3 new albums

Latest 03-12-2023 By Funkadelic

Mister D Chicano Rap

3 years after bringing you his last solo album is Mister D, who will celebrate being in this game called Chicano Rap for a quarter century next year, finally getting ready to release some new heat. Fans of that Southland sound can be on the lookout for 3 new Mister D solo albums dropping the next couple of weeks and months. ... Read more

After 2 years Chitty Cobain released new …

Latest 24-11-2023 By Funkadelic

Chitty Cobain - Funk On Froze Chicano Rap

Chitty Cobain aka Young Chitty aka Mr. Creeps just released a brand new single called "Funk On Froze". The single which was released earlier today is barely 2 minutes long but definitely delivers some funky vibe while playing. Spotify and Tidal are the places for the stream, Amazon and iTunes if you want ... Read more

Music videos

DjFlo24 - I'll Be Good

Videos 17-02-2024 By Funkadelic

MC Peps - Unite Don't Fig…

Videos 16-02-2024 By Funkadelic

Cali Life Style - Quiet Storm

Videos 16-02-2024 By Funkadelic

Kid Frost feat. MC Magic &…

Videos 16-02-2024 By Funkadelic

Slinks feat. Maddy G - Don…

Videos 16-02-2024 By Funkadelic

Lil Rob - Thank You Baby

Videos 14-02-2024 By Funkadelic

YBe - Trendsetter

Videos 26-01-2024 By Funkadelic

Mister D - Danny Your A Fool

Videos 19-01-2024 By Funkadelic

Perro - Mad At Me

Videos 19-01-2024 By Funkadelic


VA - Southside Riders Volume V

Throwbacks 06-01-2018 By 2xDope

VA - Southside Riders Volume V Chicano Rap

When I first started buying these compilations, they were not around on the net up for downlaoding, with the exception of Volume 3 (which I downloaded each song individually back when LimeWire was the shit, yeah I'm pretty old). I'm glad I started buying these because they represent a few relics in the Chicano Rap genre worth collecting. This was... Read more

VA - Southside Rider Volume 2

Throwbacks 14-11-2017 By 2xDope

VA - Southside Rider Volume 2 Chicano Rap

For the 2nd edition of the Southside Rider(s) saga, Familia Records released another compilation of songs from across the Southland. While half of these songs can be found in previous or subsequent releases by the artists featured, it is still a great album and a classic release. The imagery on the back sleeve states this album is "from the film Southside... Read more

Lil Blacky - Big Ballin

Throwbacks 12-11-2017 By Funkadelic

Lil Blacky - Big Ballin Chicano Rap

After releasing an EP called "World Famous Young And Dangerous" through Pimp Rollin Records in 1998 and after releasing the same EP with additional tracks called "Still World Famous Young And Dangerous" through Familia Records in 1999, did Lil Blacky release his 2nd full studio album "Big Ballin" through Hit A Lick Records in 2000. Features include Slow Pain, Pops... Read more

VA - Southside Riders Volume VI

Throwbacks 06-01-2018 By 2xDope

VA - Southside Riders Volume VI Chicano Rap

Volume 6 was one of the last albums I bought, not because it chronologically fit the picture, but because something just wasn't getting me on the hook. Stylistically, the cover art is very different. It is done in a comic book panel type of way over a purple paisley backdrop (yeah that's the name of the bandana design). This and... Read more

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