Return Of The West

[2013, Street Hustle Records]

SSOL - Return Of The West Chicano Rap

01. Intro
02. Return Of The West (feat. J-Locc)
03. Keep It Bouncin (feat. Q.C The Kidd)
04. Playa Ways
05. Me & You (feat. Sara S)
06. You Can Find Us (feat. Estrella, Lil Vandal)
07. Different (feat. Sara S)
08. Swervin
09. G-Funk Melodies (feat. Two-J, E-Zay)
10. In My City (feat. Q.C The Kidd, Lil Vandal)
11. Party With You (feat. J-Locc)
12. Just One Kiss (feat. Sara S)
13. Candy Paint Drippin
14. When I'm Gone (feat. Lil Vandal, Rocky Padilla)
15. Still Coastin [BONUS TRACK] (feat. DJ Chulo)

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Tags: Street Hustle Records, SSOL, Smooth Stylez Of Life

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