[2024, Street Hustle Records]

SSOL - To The Moon And Back Chicano Rap

SSOL - To The Moon And Back Chicano Rap


01. Sixth Letter (Production: 96 Beats)
02. Make Em Bounce (feat. Lil Vandal, Bona Bones) (Production: G-Dogg)
03. To The Moon And Back (feat. James, Big Joe) (Production: Funk House Productions)
04. Wings To Fly (feat. Sara Shine, 8:15) (Production: J Kings)
05. Conclusion (Production: Kryptic)
06. Hypnotize (feat. Synz One, Djflo24, Lil Vandal) (Production: Spanks)
07. Night Of Your Life (feat. Lil Vandal, Bona Bones) (Production: Supafly Beats)
08. Still Loving You (Production: Uknown)
09. Hustle's Gonna Pay (Production: J Kings)
10. The Town (feat. Lil Vandal, Djflo24) (Production: Wadz)
11. On The West Coast (feat. Slick Rick 805) (Production: Abel Beats)
12. You Wanna Ride (feat. Mistik) (Production: Mistik)
13. Imagine (Production: J Kings)
14. Ups & Downs (feat. Lil Vandal) (Production: Abel Beats)


01. Style (Production: J Kings)
02. Seal The Deal (feat. Djflo24, James) (Production: J Kings)
03. All I Need (feat. Mahvyu) (Production: J Kings)
04. Out Of My Life (Production: J Kings)
05. The Message (Production: Kryptic)
06. Ghetto Funk (feat. Lil Vandal) (Production: Mista Funk)
07. West Bound (feat. Luii P) (Production: J Kings)
08. Gettin Mine (feat. Kali The Kid) (Production: J Kings)
09. Helpless (Production: J Kings)
10. Fast Life (Production: J Kings)
11. Think Twice (Production: Phonk Gee)
12. Fear No Evil (Production: J Kings)
13. Two Of Us (Production: Phonk Gee)
13. Funky Track (feat. Lil Vandal, Bona Bones) (Production: Funk House Productions)

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