Cali Life Style - Street Dreams Vol. 1 Chicano Rap

Cali Life Style's return started with the release of their single "Street Dreams" about 2 years ago. 5 more singles hit the digital world after the original release. Now 5 of the 6 songs will be combined on the upcoming "Street Dreams Vol. 1" EP which will be released by Silent Giant Entertainment December, 22nd. Only the latest song "Nuthin Less" is missing. You can pre-order the CD as well as the Vinyl over at the official Silent Giant Entertainment website by clicking here. I already placed my order for this soon to be collectors item, so don't miss out!

01. Thumbs Up
02. Side2Side
03. Street Dreams (feat. Sara S)
04. Rydah
05. Good Stuff (feat. Rico Valens)

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