Brown Pride - Livin' In The Barrio Chicano Rap

About 29 years after its original release did the Chicano Rap classic "Livin' In The Barrio" finally hit digital music stores. The LP was released by Wilmington based group Brown Pride through by Familia Records back in 1993. These days the physical version is either hard to get or mostly not for under $50, a true collectors item. Now you can stream it on Spotify or buy it from Amazon or iTunes. You can also click here to read what 2xDope had to say about it when he reviewed "Livin' In The Barrio".

01. A Matter Of Pride
02. Gangsta Stroll
03. Intro (F.O.T.I)
04. I Don't Wanna Be The One
05. Brown Madness
06. On A Friday Night
07. Livin' In The Barrio
08. Got 'Em On The Run
09. D.O.A
10. Diablo
11. On A Friday Night (Instrumental)

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