Midget Loco - Cruising With You Chicano Rap

Back in August 2016 Midget Loco released his 5th studio album called "California OG". A little more than 6 years later he finally released a new LP entitled "Cruising With You". The album features artist such as Gloria Sol, D. Salas, Kozme, CBlunt, Lyrik Cruz, Doll-E Girl and more. When it comes to the sound you can expect nothing but classic Chicano Rap tunes as the influence of Oldies can be heard all over the album. If you ask me it's one of the albums of the year 2022, so check it out. As usual these days you can get the digital copies from sites such as Amazon or iTunes. If you prefer to stream you can do so on sites such as Spotify.

01. Angel Baby Intro
02. Cruising With You (feat. Gloria Sol)
03. Taking A Stroll (feat. D. Salas)
04. Mo Money (feat. CBlunt, Kozme, Betty Boo)
05. Did Me Wrong
06. She Reminds Me Of (feat. Lyrik Cruz)
07. Blue Girl (feat. Locita, JokesLovesLife)
08. One Love (feat. Doll E Girl, Lady J)
09. Do You Steel Love Me

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