Dios Perdoname

[2005, Notorious Enemy Records]

Drastik - Dios Perdoname Chicano Rap

Drastik - Dios Perdoname Chicano Rap

01. Intro
02. Hustle Time
03. Sin Ti
04. Lord I Know
05. The Devil Hypnotized Me
06. Huztlaz Life Style (feat. Skills, Noriega Ent)
07. Mi Madrecita (feat. Spyder)
08. El Corrido
09. The Way A Man Lives
10. Puffin And Puffin (feat. B.R)
11. Haters Always Hate (feat. B.R)
12. No Changin Me
13. Drastik 1
14. We Some Ridas (feat. B.R, Sneakz)
15. In The Streets

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