Buster Free

[2004, Southland Records]

Mister D & Frank V - Buster Free Chicano Rap

01. Intro
02. Southsiding
03. We Make It Rain (feat. Conejo)
04. The Realest (feat. Sleepy Malo, Solo)
05. Buster Free
06. Going Down (Gangster)
07. Listen To Me Pray (feat. Sleepy Malo)
08. Party Tonight (feat. Ese Bobby)
09. Your Love
10. I'm A Rider (feat. Ese Bobby)
11. In My Shoes (feat. O.G Spanish Fly)
12. To Gangster For The Radio (feat. Sleepy Malo, Young Wicks, Solo)
13. Outro

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Tags: Frank V, Mister D, SL Entertainment, Southland Records

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