The Big Man

[2002, Familia Records]

Mr. Boogie - The Big Man Chicano Rap

Mr. Boogie - The Big Man Chicano Rap

01. It's The Boogie Man (Intro)
02. Feel Like I Wanna
03. Untouchable
04. When We Meet Again (R.I.P)
05. All My Real Ones (feat. Diablo)
06. Last Man Standin (feat. Diablo)
07. No Mercy On My Enemies (feat. C Blunt)
08. This Is For All You Snitches (Bitches)
09. Ride With Me (feat. Slush)
10. Gotta Get My Hustle On
11. Boogie Man, Causa Los Desmadres (feat. Dyablo)

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