Brown Pimpin

[2006, G Related Records]

Mr. G - Brown Pimpin Chicano Rap

Mr. G - Brown Pimpin Chicano Rap

01. Intro
02. Docella
03. Aint No Sunshine (feat. Ese Crook, Mr. Sickz)
04. Dear Lady (feat. Rocky Padilla)
05. How You Feel (feat. George Johnson, Wicked Loco, Mr. Sickz, Triste)
06. Little Chavalito (feat. George Johnson)
07. I Mees It Up (feat. Mr. Sickz)
08. Yeah Yeah (feat. Mr. Sickz)
09. Brown Pimpin (feat. Mr. Sickz)
10. Member Me (feat. Mr. Sickz, Wicked Loco)
11. Southside (feat. George Johnson, Gapbino, Ese Crook, Wicked Loco)
12. Mary Jane (feat. George Johnson)
13. Show Up (feat. George Johnson, Ese Crook, Mr. Sickz)
14. Get You Bang (feat. Chill, WC, Mr. Sickz, Daddy V, Gapbino)
15. They Know Us (feat. Mr. Sickz)
16. Ami Padre (feat. Mr. Sickz)
17. Alyways On My Mind [BONUS TRACK] (feat. Scrappy Loks)
18. Bitches [BONUS TRACK] (feat. Mr. Sickz)

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