We Ridin

[2011, West Koast Soldiers Ent.]

Mr. L.R.D - We Ridin Chicano Rap

Mr. L.R.D - We Ridin Chicano Rap

01. Intro (Production: Kancun)
02. Lay I Low (Production: The Disease)
03. Fire In The Sky (Production: Fire)
04. Dip (Production: Kancun)
05. Tonight (Production: G Topnotch Productions)
06. We Ridin (Production: Kancun)
07. Victorious (Production: Kancun)
08. Gotta Get It (Production: The Einztein)
09. West Coast (feat. Baby Bri) (Production: Kancun)
10. 10 Years (Production: Kancun)
11. You Should Let Me Love You (Production: The Einztein)
12. Where Im From (feat. Maticulous) (Production: Kancun)

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