Last Of A Dying Breed

[2017, East Town Records]

13 Boyz - Last Of A Dying Breed Chicano Rap

01. Intro Skit (feat. Toker)
02. Golden Rules (feat. Toker, Klever)
03. Crazy Life
04. The Click (feat. Toker)
05. Hood Life (feat. Toker, Klever)
06. I Remember
07. Last Of The Dying Breed
08. Domino Skit (feat. Toker)
09. She's Scanless (feat. Toker)
10. My Life (feat. Toker)
11. Active
12. Street Fame (feat. Toker)
13. Loyalty (feat. Toker, Klever)
14. Running A Muck (feat. Toker)
15. Crimes
16. Throw It Up
17. Gangster Party Pt. 2 (feat. Toker, Klever, Lady Benz)

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Tags: 13 Boyz, East Town Records

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