[2003, High Rollers Entertainment]

Sara S - Enter My World Chicano Rap

Sara S - Enter My World Chicano Rap

01. Interlude Enter My World (Production: Darryl Dawes)
02. What Would It Take (Production: Darryl Dawes)
03. Black Leather (Production: Michael Lockett)
04. Fascinate Me (Production: Art Dominguez, Darryl Dawes)
05. Interlude Where Were You Last Night? (Production: Darryl Dawes)
06. You Ain't Gotta Lie (feat. Baby G) (Production: Darryl Dawes)
07. Sweet Memories (feat. Brenton Wood) (Production: Michael Lockett)
08. Keep Talking (feat. Dominator) (Production: Art Dominguez, Darryl Dawes)
09. I'm Taking My Time (feat. Danny K) (Production: Darryl Dawes)
10. You're Not Ready (Production: Michael Lockett)
11. When You Call (Production: Darryl Dawes)
12. The Things I Do (Production: Art Dominguez, Darryl Dawes)
13. Should Have Been Me (Production: Darryl Dawes)
14. Interlude Trust And Believe (Production: Darryl Dawes)
15. Destiny (feat. Gina Rocha, Matt Kingsley, Baby G) (Production: Darryl Dawes)

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