Mr. Capone-E - Cali 2 Texas Chicano Rap

Besides constantly bringing content to YouTube Mr. Capone-E also found the time to record some new music. The "Cali 2 Texas" project, which according to Capone-E himself is a "mixtape", is out now. Features include Lil' Flip, MC Magic, Momo HPG and more. The videos which have been released a linked below. As usual in this digital era we are living in you can stream it on Spotify and Tidal or buy it from Amazon or iTunes.

01. Regulator
02. Shining [G-MIX] (feat. Mike Jones, Kerst Garcia)
03. Baby Let's Ride (feat. Muave)
04. El Corrido De Mr. Capone-E (feat. Omar Morales)
05. Yes You Were High (SPM Truth)
06. Got It Going On (feat. MsGold, Momo HPG)
07. Pushing Pleads
08. Gangster Wife
09. Hot LA Summer
10. Hustle For The Same Thing (feat. Lil' Flip)
11. Thank You (feat. MC Magic)

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