California Coastin

[2006, Street Hustle Records]

SSOL - California Coastin Chicano Rap

SSOL - California Coastin Chicano Rap

01. Intro
02. California Coasting (feat. Young Chitty)
03. Lonely Girl
04. Time Is Money
05. Cruising In Tha Breeze
06. Special Lady (feat. Raquel A)
07. West Coast Ridaz
08. You Need A Thug (feat. Pretty Girl)
09. Sickest On Tha Mic
10. Hotter Than July (feat. Raquel A)
11. Streethustlin (feat. Pretty Girl, Lil Shay)
12. Close To You
13. Ol' Skool
14. Party Time
15. Fillmore Is Tha City

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