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The Dukes Click - Original Gangsters Chicano Rap

The Dukes Click - Original Gangsters Chicano Rap

01. Payaso - Game On Lock (feat. Travieso) (Production: Travieso)
02. Travieso - Heat From The Streets (feat. Payaso, Lil Homeboy) (Production: Travieso)
03. Travieso - Still The Same (feat. Payaso) (Production: Travieso)
04. Travieso - Fuck What U Heard (feat. Payaso, Lil Popeye, Risky Loko, Blast) (Production: Travieso)
05. Payaso - Live By The Gun (feat. Lil Boo-Boo, Lil Popeye, Lil Homeboy, Blast) (Production: Travieso)
06. Lil Boo-Boo - Murder Riches (feat. Risky Loko, Lil Popeye) (Production: Travieso)
07. Travieso - The Sickest In The Game (feat. Payaso) (Production: Travieso)
08. Payaso - No Clownin Around (Production: Payaso)
09. Risky Loko - On Some Gangsta Shit (feat. Lil Popeye, Lil Boo-Boo, Payaso) (Production: Travieso)
10. Lil Boo-Boo - I Need Money (feat. Payaso) (Production: Travieso)
11. Lil Boo-Boo - Nasty Bitches (feat. Travieso, Lil Vala, Risky Loko) (Production: Travieso)
12. Blast - Straight Ridin' (feat. Travieso, Payaso) (Production: Travieso)
13. Travieso - Catch U Slippen (feat. Payaso, Lil Homeboy)
14. Travieso - Dont Even Trip (feat. Payaso) (Production: Travieso)
15. Payaso - Gang Signs (feat. Travieso) (Production: Travieso)
16. Risky Loko - Taken Out On Sight (feat. Travieso, Payaso, Monster) (Production: Travieso)
17. Lil Boo-Boo - Prisoner To The Streets (feat. Payaso, Travieso) (Production: Travieso)
18. Payaso - The Chosen Few (feat. Lil Boo-Boo, Smiley Boy) (Production: Travieso)

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