#01 When and how did you start rapping?

Late 80's early 90's. We used to have a rap group in the neighborhood (Harpys Dead End ) called Homies 213 (The gates Of Hell). It was me Venom and the homeboy Sporty (Pelon). There was another homeboy that used to rap also my homeboy Big Evil doing 89 to life right now up in new Folsom state prison , his brother my dog Shorty from the Harpys Wild bunch also spit that g shit at one point. We basically started busting over instrumentals at the neighborhood partys giving it up to all the cliques ( dukes tokers chicos malos tinylocos and the 5th aves ) and all the homies that were out there gang banging and representing. At the end of 1990 I cut my first harpys demo tapes , Me and the homies had robbed a connection and put our money together even homies that didnt have nothing to do with the music that were in on the robbery with us , was like " go ahead handle keep our share " and we got our own studio equipment from there. It was like this back then if I was busted Venom and Sporty would keep that shit going I would get out and Sporty would get busted so me and Venom would keep it going , Venom had that "Smoking enemigas like a primo to the head ' crush em up roll em up until the putos dead " he also had the original " In the city of angels there aint no angels ' puro vato loco crazy gang bangers ". " Es un deporte " was one of the many cuts we all did together cause we were all out at around the same time - it was about pimping bitches our way on a old barry white beat " Mi barrio es primero " was a jam me and Sporty did while Venom was locked up , we busted over that - mr. groove beat. But 89 - 90 - 91 - 92 - 93 was some gang banging shit going on ' and the whole fucken west side was a warzone , so thats the reason most of our songs are the way they are ; they contain the sound of that HPS nieghborhood. All these motherfuckers out here that cant relate to our type of music is just because they weren't going through the same shit we were going through there homies werent dying there homies werent catching cases getting life in prison or getting the death penalty motherfuckers had to survive in the big H. I think in total we recorded something like 100 underground songs in between me Venom - Sporty - Evil and the homeboy Shorty ' Bugsy ( Tattoo ink ) came later. I dont know how the fuck our enemys would get a hold of our underground demo tapes but they was feeling them ' I guess cause they were going through similar things in there hoods that i was talking about. And no matter how many times I said Dead end Harpys in my raps they were still playing them - just instead they would say there hood were i would say mine... Sometimes we'd be fucking hoodrats and you know how they get around they'd come back and be like them vatos from so and so was playing your shit , them motherfucken tapes were hot items on the streets back then and still are to these days - homies that know whats up with them still be bumping them shits , no matter how fucked up the recordings sound.

#02 What were your influences back in the days and these days?

My homeboys from my gang have always been my influences the ones that were always putting in work and the ones that were big time drug dealing. And in these days aint nothing change everything is still the same. WS HARPYS DEAD END WILD BUNCH 25THST.HOOVERPARK TINYLOCOS DKS TKS CHICOS MALOS TINY MIDGETS.

#03 Let's start talking about your new album "Devil's Playground". What can we expect to hear on that one?

Some real gang banging shit for the streets and all my fans , This west coast LP is dark and vicious from the minute it starts " Mark of the beast " that shit right there sets the tone for the whole fucken album. 16 tracks of music to walk-by , some 25thst. Hooverpark gangster shit. Devils playground is about that Los Angeles state of mind homie , strictly for the underground. On this cd funk ; im putting it down & representing for all Latin hip hop and Chicano rap. Im coming at you with more of that sinister sadestic material that im known for bringing. You could even say that on this album i was focused more , so you know i went ahead and did this album SOLO to show these motherfuckers that i dont need nobody , cause once CONEJO get up in a studio the devil takes control of the whole situation then everybody starts feeling the fucken madness... I came back strong with that angel of death on these bitches then I dropped revenge served cold and fucked the whole game up , that shit was a reality check for certain people in the chicano rap scene ( 2 cd's in one year ). To me this album is like the sequel to the shady LP aka shady pt.2 , shady was a HARPYS classic and it feels like im going through the same type of shit I was going through when I wrote that album. So what your about to hear on this cd is what s going on in my life and in my hood right now as we speak " Im giving you front row seats to some real shit. So expect more disses to these wack ass rappers that cant keep my name out there motherfucken mouth , you know who im talking about the getalong gang : bunch of pussies I'll execute all them abc swapmeet rappers on the mic. - my competition is zero !

#04 What about features?

I had a couple of people do some hooks for me and had alot of musicians up in there with me like dj's keyboard and guitar players but as for rapping only one song with Tattoo ink ( Venom & Bugsy ) I had way to much shit on my mind that I needed to get off my chest plus I got that new Tattoo ink wanted dead or alive coming , so you know I wanted to make em fiend : you see what im saying homie. On my last album I had alot of features Tattoo ink Street platoon Spankyloco Madogg Knightowl some production by Dj Payback Garcia on : Bitch ass rappers & This is what its like. I also had Ernie g on : Do you know who we are , but on this one " motherfucker was on one so i tore it up by myself.

#05 What's is your favourite track from the CD and why?

Dead man walking is one of my favorite tracks on the album , I was up in the studio high as fuck with a couple of homies when an annonymous person rolled up and played the track for me and I was like I got something for that shit right now : jumped in the mic booth and fucked it up. " Put the weed up " is another one , tight as beat produced by 310west C.E.S. same shit ! as soon as i heard it I was feeling it , So I rocked it. I had about 8 or 9 homies in the studio the whole time i was writting & recording the album. so some of the homies jumped on the mic and freestyled some real talk : they dont rap or even give a fuck about rap , But when I heard it I was like " Thats right homie Im a put that on my song " and i did ...

#06 How would you say you have improved from the release of your 1st album till now?

I got this shit on lock and everybody knows I got this chicano rap game on its fucken knees. Im living what your hearing im not like these other fools that think just cause they rap they get a pass. You dont see me trying to play the part or you dont hear me speaking with a fucked up spanish accent claiming your raza and you dont see me trying to be something that im not. You know who im talking about , I know real Surenos that are from other races but aint fake like this motherfucker habib. Me Im just a motherfucken g from that infamous notorious West side Harpys Dead end 13 gang doing the same thing I always been doing. So I dont look at it like improving from one album to another . Im looking at it like : Im just keeping you updated with CONEJO - G ' RABBIT , My first real fans that been down with me since day one ( HPS DE WB 13 ) are saying this is my hardest shit they've heard yet ! its compared to the shady cd for the simple fact that all my homies were a big part of the album in the sense that i was talking about the shit we were going through almost in detail homie and its the same going on right now just ask any motherfucker that lives in my hood and its ganraunteed they knowing what time it is.

#07 There are alot of people out there that see you as one of the best Chicano rappers. How do you see yourself in the business?

As long as i keep dropping albums and you see my shit at the fye tower records mom & pops swapmeets etc. then everything is all good Im making money and im moving units - I got distribution , shit you know Business is Business homie and I am the best at what " I " do not what they do , you see rap aint the only hustle for motherfuckers like me Im from the streets I'll do whatever the fuck I gotta do to keep this motherfucker going and no matter what the situation is Im a always do jams for my barrio ( west side harpys dead end wild bunch 13 gang ) and for all my fans thats just me. So dont let all these fake motherfuckers fool you talking about CONEJO dont sell , bitches i been in this shit since day motherfucken one ( the birth of chicano rap ) and I still aint gone no where , you dont see me going behind the scenes slanging my shit for a dollar a piece cause i cant get rid of them. As we speak all the fucken vendors are hitting me up right now trying to be the first motherfucker to have the devils playground , thats were the moneys at right now funk. Theres nothing these lames can do to stop my cash flow. like i said before i got this chicano rap game on its fucken knees like it or not ! Im not like SOME fake rappers in the game that gotta go threaten weak ass vendors to buy their weak ass shit cause its not selling or trying to threaten vendors and tell em to dont buy no CONEJO cd's , thats a straight bitch move ! All them motherfucken vendors still buy my shit! they even doubled-up on my shit! SO FUCK YOU!!!

#08 How do you think the game has changed in all these years?

The shit got big it's everywhere its even gone over seas but the fucked up thing about it is Everybody and there fucken mother think they can rap now its fucken funny to me ! Thats why I dissed capone e cause he's fake ass fuck , that fool cant see me thats why he's never replied cause I 'd fuck all his shit up : streets or the mic. He's over there " acting " like he's on some other level - naming his label high power soldiers he's never even been there , fool my homeboy BIG SHARK was in high power for 6 years at the Los Angeles county jail , THE REAL HIGH POWER ! shout out to my homeboy BIG SHARK up in pelican bay s.h.u. All I know is all these wack rappers popping up are fucking it up for everyone including the business , vendor dont even know what the fuck he's getting. Neither do the fans sometimes and some of these motherfuckers got the game all twisted homie.

#09 Chicano rap is more street and gang related compared to other rap. Why do you think it is like that?

Cause you got alot of vatos from all kinds of barrios that are flowing , you know repping there nieghborhoods. You see southern california is a gang & drug infested high murder rate place , so what the fuck else is there to rap about if you from here , plus we want to hear that real hardcore street gangster shit. Thats why we made our own shit called " chicano rap ". Speaking for myself : from day one I ve put my hood in all my raps while the rest of these scary punks were all afraid to get banged on at them underground latin rap shows or thinking they werent gonna blow up if they put there hood up , keep that shit real mother fuckers! I've had this L.A. gang style since day one.

#10 You are also featured on Southland Records releases here and there. How did this contact ever happen?

Shout out to Mr.D and Southland records. Homie Its a small world out there and shit happens when your out there hustling. Me Ive always been willing to get in the studio with anybody but alot of motherfuckers act like little bitches thinking they on top of the game , Me I gives a fuck you keep it real with me we could do this shit and that goes for anybody established or underground. Just so you know homie its a notorious enemy , Sick jacken , Blunts lla & Heavyweight Guzzle collabo coming real soon , shits been due for the streets some classic latin hip hop chicano rap for the fans that know what fucken time it is with these artist and there music right here.

#11 What about your collaboration with Capone?

That Imperial album took this shit to the next level , chicano rap game aint been the same since. Fuck what they talking about If you ask me , I did the game a favor with that album. Fucken habib hassim abu ( capone e ) was over there in japan at the radio station having an interview live on the air and was asked about his beef with CONEJO and this is what he replied :" He fucked up" ; like 4 times in a row ,( that motherfucker is a circus clown ) what you mean i fucked up who the fuck do you think you are - you aint nobody and you'll never be somebody punk. I'll piss on him and all his fucken cheap ass record label , Im telling you funk ! I smell pussy. And on the real they aint came with nothing harder or more original than the Imperial LP and thats a fact , that album speaks for itself!

#12 You also did tracks with Knightowl for your last album and one track with Spanky Loco for one of his releases. How was it like working with these artists?

Knightowl was something that was a long time coming ' you feel me : no matter if i had dissed Shadow Lil one Lil rob Low profile. CONEJO got homies in San Diego so it was all good . Spankyloco thats the new chronic man on the block thats my boy with them g'd up 310west beats , you know - back to what i was saying earlier , you got a hard ass beat and hook with me in mind , motherfucker like me come through on the spot and spit some murderous shit ( one take) " conejo : aint no fucking joke on the mic homie "!

#13 Another topic we have to talk about is your on going beef with Hi Power Entertainment.

Like nas said "them punk ass bitches DONT want NO BEEF, they fucken VEGETERIANS ! Them fagget ass bitches dont want NONE ! If they did ? They would've been here by now in my hood straight HARPYS territory , but they aint cause they fucken scared - they cant fuck with us ! FUCK HIGH POWER !!! Them motherfuckers dont want me to show up at one of there bullshit events . none of them bitches got real heat , all they doing is taking pictures with barrowed guns that dont even work. And stop bluffing like you really gonna use em and do what you gotta do , you lames are garbage ! man funk ?, I dont know what stories and lies these fake pussies been telling you , but they aint shit out here in LOS ANGELES I'll tell you that much ! "( uuuuggghhh ) " fucken watered down wanna be master p , what the fuck is that I aint never heard nobody say some shit like that . Bitch ass ( stomped out) slut , scary ass ( lokota) thinks he's crazy you dont intimidate nobody with your gay ass look you might have high power intimidated - but me ? Your all fat and sloppy no wind homeboy , I"ll elbow your ass straight to the temple and lay your ass flat out .You aint no rapper for high power and your shit dont even sell period stupid ! Your a fucken cheap ass security guard for high power thats all , cause thats all they want you for you fucken weak ass rent-a-cop SO HUSH YOUR PUSSY BITCH !!! , and punk ass peace treaty criminal learn how to dress gangster - before you even try to ; with your faded ass black slingshot and your dusty ass tight dickies everyone can tell that hes new to this shit fucken thirty something year old and barely started trying to dress gangster. Trying to pop out his pigeon chest I'll cave that whole mother fucken little pigeon chest back in PUNK . And he thinks he looks hard just cause he put some black shades on trying to be like his bossman / lover capone e. That motherfucker capone e EATS ,SLEEPS , SHITS , SHOWERS , etc with them shades on . Them goggles dont come off for shit - cause as soon as they come off you'll see all the " seven eleven - circle k " come out of him ; all the fucken Habib Hussein will come pouring the fuck out. Roll up punks we waiting and stop asking where im at - what are you cops ? Well cop capone e's dick in your mouth bitches !!! Its not like you gonna fucken come down , you fucken low pro rats ! I wanna see you run up on the real ; I been waiting for you punk bitches : So I could show you prostitutes how we treat bitches like you - that dont know how to act out here on the WESTSIDE . RUN THE FUCK UP OR SHUT THE FUCK UP.

#14 What's the diffrence between latin hip hop & chicano rap? And what do you consider yourself?

Latin hip hop is basically some underground Psycho realm Street platoon battle rap shit. Chicano rap is some Lil rob and everything that plays on pocos pero locos shit. I consider myself both : Latin hip hop & Chicano rap cause I got that shit that both sides can vibe too. Wheather it's a hardcore beat produced by Ernie g or a clean ass oldie or soul loop produced by Bandit you know Im a fuck that shit up and theres not to many motherfuckers right now that can do that. My music is hardcore and its made for a certain kind of listner , on Devils playground I covered it all and I made sure I put something in there for all of you. To all my latin hip hop fans out there track 1 - 5 - 6 - 12 - 14 & 15 is for you and to all my motherfucken hardcore chicano rap fans out there tracks 2 - 3 - 7 - 8 - 10 - 13 & 16 are for you and the rest of the tracks are a bonus to show you some of that notorious enemy tattoo ink rap - live and direct from THE GATES OF HELL - LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA.

#15 Who would you like to collaborate on a song with , that you haven't worked with already?

Aztek from texas on a hardcore beat on some dope dealing shit. When I do collabo's for my albums I think about the fans , some shit thats gonna make them knod there heads and enjoy my shit - you know homie to let them know that there money was well spent. If you out there pushing and hustling and your shit is creative and the fans are asking for there favorite artist to collabo then you know it's bound to happen. Plus me everytime I hear a hard ass beat ; I wanna put a 16 on it - I dont care if its never released or it just stays in the hood or never leaves the studio : motherfucker got verse's that kill.

#16 What's up with you and the "Pocos Pero Locos" show?

Not a damn thing homie , you see I was part of that motherfucken shows jump off , with out us ( chicano rappers ) that show would'nt even exsist. Motherfuckers been requesting my shit since day one , Im one of the main motherfuckers in this chicano rap game. I know my shit is too gangster for radio but pocos pero locos is an underground chicano rap show. 85% of all chicano rap is underground - but now that slut whore bitch khool-aid wanna act like she dont know me , wanna act like her pussy dont stink . I make sure she gets copys of all my shit - all the time. To me thats fucken disrespectful , she was all up in my house ( LOS ANGELES ) bringing motherfuckers from all over and I could'nt get no love in my own city ( L.A. ) ? how she gonna front like if there aint no CONEJO fans in every city that that show plays. That bitch need to eaze up and slap her self , she aint nothing but another fucken capone e : a fake bitch trying to act like one of us. FUCK spm that punk is a fucken child molester that son of a bitch dont deserve to live , he aint even welcomed in L.A. and she over here talking about thats my dog and giving him props and spins. FUCK YOUR SHOW BITCH ! shove that show up your ass trick , you fucken punk ass bulldyke.

#17 What else can we expect from Conejo and Notorious Enemy in the future?

Im a just keep bringing you that raw L.A. underground street gangster shit , also be on the look for that " it all comes back" video and conejo dvd documentry it's in the works ! Some REAL shit. Tattoo ink wanted dead or alive is just around the corner so stayed tuned - Shout out to the homeboy G SPIDER V HPS notorious enemy records.






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