#01 CalifaRap is proud to bring you an exclusive interview with Southland's own Ese Bobby. Bobby, we haven't talked for quite some time, so how's everything going for you?

Well everything is going good. Just taking trips doing show 2 show handeling, southland biz and still putting it down for all the homies that rep the southand and anyone else that can appreciate good music. A BIG QVO to all that show support...

#02 Well you just released your new album "Southland Psycho" to the streets about 3 weeks ago. Let the chicano fans know what they can expect from the album?

You can expect 16 tracks of all brand new music, new style, new beats, new artists and I'm still and always keeping it gangster. Man, thats the way SLGs do it. If you haven't yet go and pick up my brand new "Southland Psycho" album you'll get your moneys worth for sure.

#03 For sure everybody wants to her some background infos about your song with Nate Dogg. So let us know more about "Could've Been Your Man".

Alot of people would like to do a song with Nate, I had the opportunity and it worked out great. Nate Dogg is very talented at singing, turned out to be probably the best song on my album. Ain't no simping or what ever the fuck you call it. There's sure to be another song with Nate.

#04 How did you come up with the name "Southland Psycho"?

I came up with the name "Southland Psycho" because this is who I am. Anyone that knows me knows said that should be the title of my album. I don't need to wolf like some of these rappers out there my actions speak for themself. You got all these fools in this industry trying to be the badest but can they really walk the walk and talk the talk like they say?

#05 Who handeled the prodction and who's featured?

Mr. D handeled most of the production and I also had a chance to work on alot of songs with Krypto from the 818, a newer older member of Southland. He started with Mister D back when he was working on "Deep In The Game". He's a very talented artist. I enjoyed working with him. Krypto gracias homeboy. We need to get back in the studio soon... The difference in production is another reason why you should pick up this album and judge for yourself. I also had a few different artist on this album. Lil Kasper, he was away for a while now he's back, Lil Blacky, Sicko, Sleepy Malo, the homie Venum, be on the look out for his new album, the homie Stretch, Clumbsy Boy and my new artist Tweeky from Esco, he sould be droping a new album soon, PeeWee from the OC who's also droping an album soon, last but not least Nate Dogg and Mister D.

#06 What's your favourite song from the album and especially why?

I think they are all good, but "Could've Been Your Man" is the one everybody's talking about. Email califarap.net and tell us what you think.

#07 How would you compare that album to your 1st solo CD "Southland Original"?

I think I get better and better. It took 3 years in the making so the better in the rating. It's 3 years of more stuff I been through. Sharper skills I display on this album. "Southland Original" is a very good album too, be sure and have both so you can compare the both of them by the way the name of the album is called "Southland Psycho".

#08 Well you haven't really been around that much lately when it comes to the latest SL Entertainment releases. Let us know the reasons for that.

That's because you haven't been around. I've been right here the whole time working behind the scenes alot more handeling biz, producing, sales and distributing. Also working on new stuff, keep an eye open.

#09 What else are you working on right now?

I've been working on PeeWee's new album, smashing on the streets distributing. There is also my new artise Tweeky from Esco. I've been working in his new stuff alot, should be some heat coming up Ese Bobby stlye so don't trip.

#10 You brought a rapper by the name of PeeWee to the chicano rap game. Let us know more about him and what we can expect from him on the music side.

Yea that's right. He brings the heat. Anybody that has ever heard him likes his flow and so do I. That's how he earn his spot as my artist. Right now he is working on some new solo stuff. Writting but doing more drinking like the way we do it. But you can expect his album soon.

#11 Some people i was talking to were wondering why alot of chicano rappers are overlooking the 805 right now. I mean we have some classic chicano rap coming from that area like CLS, Tripple C or Maddogg. Have you ever thougt about working with any artists from that area? I mean Southland already did that back in the days.

Anytime the homies want to drop something let us know. You got to be solid and it's all southside love homies. Qvo to the homie Icepick 805!

#12 Let us know more about your video which was featured on the "Southland's Most Wanted II" DVD for the song "Southland Biz".

We shot that video all through out Southern California. Even got a chance to shoot some footage in the place I was born and raised, Canoga Park. It's probley Southland's best video yet queno... I got to say big qvo to all of the homies that helped me out with that video. Crazyone hope you get out one day homie, I got that cold pisto don't trip!

#13 I know that it was supposed to be on the "The Games Begun" DVD. Why was it taken off from that project?

Because it's Southland biz.

#14 Well we already talked about that topic in the interview i did with Stretch. Alot of people are complaining about the quality of the album covers Southland uses. What do you think about that?

First of all who the fuck's complaining. I've never heard noththing about that or are you just stiring up shit like you like to do, ha ha. You need to go pick up my album "Southland Psycho" and tell me what you think. I haven't seen anything better than my cover or nothing even close to the quality. I have to say qvo to my homie Bird for that, gracias homie!

#15 You did a huge show in Las Vegas last year. Mister D will perform "Gangsters Get Lonely Too" at the Art Laboe show in front of a huge audience next month. How does it feel for you as an artist to perfrom in front of such a huge crowd? Especially when you compare it to the small shows you did when you just started.

We would have been doing big shows a long time ago but alot a bitches in this game where trying to block our opportunity to give my hente what they want. Real homies doing real music. And thanks to all are fans cause it's all really up to you. Those levas trying to get in are way scared of competition looking us right in the eyes claiming to be on our side. Your day will come don't trip. It's for us buy us... Thanks for the southside love Art!

#16 Let the fans out there once again know why they should go out and pick up Ese Bobby's new album "Southland Psycho"?

You need to go pick up my album because it's full of new firme tracks. I took my time and did it right so you could have some good music to listen to, for a change with all this garbage flooding the market. I know it's been hard. This album clearly seperates me from any of that. And for chicano rap it brings hope back in this industry.

#17 Like always is there anything else that you want to say at the end of the interview?

Got to say thanks to everybody on my album. The firme cover done by my homeboy Bird, Krypto, my new artist Mr.Tweeky, be on the look out for his new album. My homie Peewee keep writting dog. I'll be down there soon. Thanks to Nate for the hook. Qvo to the homie Casper and last but for sure not least my brother Mister D who's out doing everybody in this game. I'm out Ese Bobby SLGs from the begining till the end... Repersenting all across the seven seas... 2008

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