#01 What's up homie? How are things going?

It's going good homie. Can't complain.

#02 All the fans want to know where you have been?

Well I've been on the grind homie, in the studio concentrating on a new album, working hard at it. I've been out for a minute but now im focusing on a good project that will get the name Madogg back on the scene. I've been in the game for a while now alot longer than most of these guys out here and I can't stop now. So I'm going to hit it hard again.

#03 What's the issue with you and Underworld 805 Records?

Oh man, there is no issue at all. Tomas Solis is the homeboy. I would definitely work with Underworld again but right now I'm currently with an independent lable which I helped to start with a group of homies.

#04 There are rumours floating around that you are Ese Lil Joker. Can you clear that up for us?

Haha, yeah that's some funny shit homie. I heard that too and get asked that all the time. The funny thing is man it started way back when I did a track with OG Spanish Fly. I was going to sign with Low Profile Records and Royal T wanted to change my name to Lil Joker. So I decided not to sign. A few weeks later I heard the song I recorded with OG and i heard him say Lil Joker from the 805. That started all the mess. Ese Lil Joker is another rapper from Oxnard who states I tried to gain fame using his name. Which is some funny shit. Like I always say to people who come at me with that question. If it's me I must be a good ass liar homie because that fool has been recording for a long ass time now. I can actually say he has a fan base and I don't think I can hide something like that that well. Haha...

#05 What do you think of the chicano rap game now? How different is it now than when you 1st started?

Oh man, that's a good question. When I 1st started there was only a hand full of "chicano rappers". I can honestly say I started with some greats. My 1st album was released on Familia Records which at that time had artists like Lil One, Lil Rob, Knightowl, Spanish Fly and the only others out of Oxnard Monteloco and Brown Intentions. Now the game has totally changed. I see only a few artists who are trying and are taking it to a higher level which is helped alot with the radio show Pocos Pero Locos which I was apart of in the beginning. Alot of youngsters today just want to be rappers and say they have albums out which is cool but back then we did for the love of the music and wanted to rap about our struggles in the hood and show people that us as chicanos have it just as bad as anyone else. Now they just want to rap and call themselfs rappers and see themselfs on CD covers and myspace. Everybody and there grandma wanna be rappers now. Haha... And it's easy they buy computers and just record at home. And it's so easy to press your own CDs now. So yeah, I think the game is alot different now. No one is taking it as serious as they were back then.

#06 What can we expect from Madogg?

Well as for right now I'm working on a new album which is going to be released next year and also a clothing line which we also have in the works called 805 Originals.

#07 What are you currently working on?

Right now I have a project that im taking my time on. I have a new enviroment and some really good people behind me so it's helping me along the way to concentrate on making a good album. This time it's a little different not the old Madogg stuff that was rushed and just released. Haha... This time its going to be some west coast heat.

#08 Any features on your next projects?

Yeah, I have some good features on it. Alot of old school west coast artist who I listened to as a kid growing up. Some of that west coast gangster rap that actually got me into rapping. I'm really excited about this album and to be working with artists I never thought I would be recording with.

#09 Many people are wondering if you would work with Low Profile Records again? They really like that track you did with OG Spanish Fly.

Haha... Another good question. Well. as far as OG Spanish Fly he's the homie. I would work with him anytime. Man actually we did after that song but that was when he left Low Oro. But as far as working with them, nah I don't think so. Don't get me wrong Royal's cool his artists are cool but we are just on our own things you know.

#10 Is there any other chicano rappers you want to work with in the future?

To be honest I'd work with anyone who is just down to drop some good west coast music and collaborate with one another. And to be honest the one thing that kinda gets me about this question is the word "chicano rappers". We need to take pride in that. Don't get me wrong I'm glad to see other countries doing there thing and wanting to drop music like us, dress like us and ride like us. Cut cmon now this is our game.

#11 Well thank your for your time homie. Any shout outs you wanna give?

Yeah, I wanna give shouts to all the real OGs in the chicano rap game: Familia Records, Underworld 805 Records, SL Entertainment, Norwalk Records and Eastside Records. Also my homies at Kush House and 805 Originals.

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