In September we reported that Mr. Clever has been busy releasing a gang of albums but also that Slugg Entertainment released a couple of other releases. This includes the rerelease Chito's LP "Beware Of The Slugg" which got digitally remasterd. Features include Mr. Clever, Tiny Loco, legendary Rocky Padilla and the Organized Cartel. Amazon, Google Play and iTunes all carry the LP. Other titles that got released by Slugg Entertainment include Tiny's album "Mexican Tradition", "For The Hood" by Spook G as well as another Chito album called "Cartel Affiliated". All can be bought from the digital music stores mentioned above.

01. Pistolero Famoso
02. Where You At (feat. Mr. Clever)
03. Gang Injunction
04. Every Weekend
05. Ride With Us
06. Life As A Soldier
07. Killaz
08. Can't Trust No One
09. I Could See It In Your Eyes (feat. Tiny Loco)
10. High Times
11. Life Of A G (feat. Rocky Padilla)
12. Straight Banging (feat. Organized Cartel)
13. Streets Are Hard (feat. Tiny Loco)

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