Sneeky Loko - Streets Of Broken Dreams Chicano Rap

After releasing the Kalifa Chief aka Young Spanks album "My Untold Story" and after releasing Dizzy Loc's album "Strictly Business" is Kronicly Connected Entertainment back with a new LP. This time they released Sneeky Loko's solo cut "Streets Of Broken Dreams". The release comes with a gang of features including artists such as Kalifa Chief, Dizzy Loc, D. Salas, Ese Viper, Ghost Realm, The Lils, Lil Blue and many more. As usual you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or wherever digital music is sold. If you want a physical copy please contact Sneeky Loko directly through his official Instagram profile by clicking here.

01. Streets Of Broken Dreams (feat. Kalifa Chief, Ghost Realm, D. Salas)
02. Welcome To The Ghetto (feat. Ese Viper, Dizzy Loc, Lil Blue)
03. Hear Them Gun Shots (feat. Kalifa Chief, Dizzy Loc, Lil Blue, Mista Teaze, Ghost Realm, Creeper)
04. Ain't No Sunshine (feat. Ghost Realm)
05. How Was I To Know (feat. D. Salas)
06. Somebody Tell Me (feat. Dizzy Loc, D. Salas)
07. My Daily Prayer (feat. Ghost Realm, The Lils)
08. Broken Hustle (feat. Dizzy Loc, Ghost Realm)
09. In Love With Mary Jane (feat. Ghost Realm, Dizzy Loc, Ricky Jay)
10. Throw 'Em Up (feat. Dizzy Loc, Lil Blue, Baby Bud)
11. Cleared Eye View (feat. Di, The Lils, Dizzy Loc)
12. The Cadillac (feat. Ghost Realm, Dizzy Loc)
13. Murder Musikc (feat. Dizzy Loc, Lil Jokes, Kalifa Chief)
14. Kalifornia Summer (feat. Dizzy Loc, D. Salas)
15. Still I Pray (feat. D. Salas)
16. Till I See You Again (feat. Otis R.)
17. Reflections (feat. D. Salas)

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