Lil Blacky - Big Ballin

Lil Blacky - Big Ballin Chicano Rap

After releasing an EP called "World Famous Young And Dangerous" through Pimp Rollin Records in 1998 and after releasing the same EP with additional tracks called "Still World Famous Young And Dangerous" through Familia Records in 1999, did Lil Blacky release his 2nd full studio album "Big Ballin" through Hit A Lick Records in 2000. Features include Slow Pain, Pops, Hectic, Lil Sicko, Ambrosia, ODM from Lighter Shade Of Brown, ALT, Malice, Wicked Minds and Marro who is now known as Brown Shady.

The album kicks off with a dope old school type of track which is also the title track "Big Ballin" featuring Slow Pain as well as ODM on the hook, who is not listed as a feature on the back of the CD on that song. The next track I like to mention is probably Lil Blacky's most known song "Super Baller", the Chicano Rap version of the Above The Law classic "Black Superman". After that the album continues with another dope cut called "Lexo's And Hoes", once again featuring Slow Pain and ODM. Chicano Rap fans might know that the same cut was also featured on Slow Pain's album "The Hit List". "Somebody Please" is a nice oldie track which samples the same song by The Vanguards. "D's G's" is a cut that will make your head bob and that is also featured on the Wicked Minds' albums "2000" and "Homies". After that you don't have to stop bobbing your head as the album conitnues with another old school cut called "3 Deep" featuring Marro and ODM. This is actually the 3rd song of the LP that can also be found on other releases as it's also featured on various Marro aka Brown Shady LPs. The beat contains a sample of the song "(Not Just) Knee Deep" by Funkadelic. Talking about samples, "Lowrider Girl" samples Smokey Robinson's "Cruising". The tracklist on the back consists of 12 songs but after the 12th song "Summer Time" the album doesn't stop playing as it goes on with a hidden track.

Since there are no production credits in the booklet it would be interesting to know how many of the songs were produced by ODM. If anybody out there has the answer feel free to post it in our forum, the CalifaRap Community. Overall "Big Ballin" is a Chicano Rap classic which shouldn't be missing in any good Chicano Rap collection and which is, at least in my opinion, Lil Blacky's best album so far. The bad news is that there is no digital version of the album. The good news is that you should have no problems finding it at your local hood dealer as well as online over at eBay.

01. Big Ballin (feat. Slow Pain)
02. Only You
03. Chosen Few (feat. Pops, Hectic, Lil Sicko, Ambrosia)
04. Lil Hog
05. Super Baller
06. Lexo's And Hoes (feat. Slow Pain, ODM)
07. Locked And Loaded (feat. ALT, Malice)
08. Some Body Please
09. D's G's (feat. Wicked Minds)
10. 3 Deep (feat. ODM, Marro)
11. Lowrider Girl
12. Summer Time (feat. ODM)
13. Hidden Track

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