VA - Southside Rider Volume 2

VA - Southside Rider Volume 2 Chicano Rap

For the 2nd edition of the Southside Rider(s) saga, Familia Records released another compilation of songs from across the Southland. While half of these songs can be found in previous or subsequent releases by the artists featured, it is still a great album and a classic release. The imagery on the back sleeve states this album is "from the film Southside Rider". To my dismay, I have not been able to find the film.

First track, "Wanna Bounce", starts with a jam by Young Pachukos, the song has a great instrumental sampling "Friends" by Whodini and "More Bounce..." by Zapp. Unfortunately, I have no clue who the rappers are. Following the first jam is Brown Pride's "Livin' In The Barrio". The more I listen to this song, the more I enjoy it. Really goes to show that they had the skills and flow to be much more prominent in Chicano Rap. The name could have hindered their growth and/ or exposure. I am not to keen on oldie samples, so the third track by Hollow Point didn't appeal to much to me. Not my favorite on the album.

The middle of the album picks up again with L.S.D's "Brown Pride", the original version from 1992. The song was first released as a single in the early 90's and had an instrumental version. The fifth song features Shorty Jay. All the solo songs I have heard by Shorty Jay just don't appeal to me, as opposed to the group effort under NMW that was much more entertaining. Track 6 is another let down, it was one of those songs that just did not seem to belong here, haven't the slightest clue who Sliproc or Big Ink are.

The last 4 songs are a great finish. I loved the samples of "Flashlight" on Sandman's tune dedicated to America's finest city. I have always liked the collabos between Lil Chill and Spanish Fly/ Ese Daz. "Ain't No Luv Lost" is a great song (also the best on Lil Chill's solo album). To my surprise Roc Slanga (probably best known for his feature on Eazy E's "Switchez") had his debut on Familia Records back in 92, where the song "Perpetrators" is from. The sample is dope, there's an instrumental to this as well. Lastly, NMW finishes it off with "We Do Damage". I have always thought NMW deserved another album, their self titled debut was superb.

01. Young Pachukos - Wanna Bounce
02. Brown Pride - Livin' In The Barrio
03. Hollow Point - Finger On The Trigger
04. L.S.D - Brown Pride
05. Shorty Jay - Luv Between
06. Sliproc & Big Ink - Hey No
07. Sandman - City Of Dago
08. Lil Chill - Ain't No Luv Lost (feat. Spanish Fly)
09. B.U.M - Perpetrators (feat. Roc Slanga)
10. Norwalk's Most Wanted - We Do Damage

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