VA - Southside Riders Volume V

VA - Southside Riders Volume 5 Chicano Rap

When I first started buying these compilations, they were not around on the net up for downlaoding, with the exception of Volume 3 (which I downloaded each song individually back when LimeWire was the shit, yeah I'm pretty old). I'm glad I started buying these because they represent a few relics in the Chicano Rap genre worth collecting. This was the first one I bought and as a matter of fact: It's been almost 8 years to the date since I bought this chapter from the 7 volume saga.

The cover is somewhat appealing, I hadn't made this remark before, but all the covers have little "easter eggs" of sorts, meaning there are hidden messages or details in the covers. This one has a homie in his county blues playing handball in the park. Handball is a big deal, if you didn't know. I can't make out what is tatted on his neck, but the serial code on the tag on his shirt reads 5621310 (if you break it up, it reps some of L.A's many area codes: 562, 213, 310). The poles on the fence read "SS Riders". The buildings are marked with more L.A (and greater L.A area) area codes: 213, 310, 562, 714, 818, 805, 909. No mention of San Diego area code (619) despite the first 4 songs made by San Diego rappers, ironic.

Referencing a comment I made in my last Royal T has recycled the "Coast To Coast" song multiple times. This is the only version with a different beat, here it's titled "We Be Bouncin' and Rollin'".

Despite Rob being in my top 5 favorite Chicanos, I have not bothered looking into his work during the Low Profile Records phase (I know, I know that's sacrilege). But track 2 ("I Remember") appears on his first Low Profile Records album. Not sure if it's any different than the album version, but as I said, I wouldn't know since I haven't listened to it. However, LR demonstrates why he's the poster boy for Chicano Rap on this track.

The SSR compilations are filled with appearances by black rappers, and the 3rd track just happens to be from a group coming out of O'side back when it was still 619, yeah way back. "Got Ya Humpin'" is actually a dope track, not sure why I hadn't gave it a chance when I first got it. You ever let an album play and realize the track you've been skipping for years is actually fire?

Knightowl comes in shredding Mr. Shadow's reputation with accusations that Shadow doesn't write his own lyrics. Not the first time we hear that, reminds me of a later song where Rob says: "... never had nobody writing my shit/ that's faking it like lying and shit/ you didn't write it/ how could you claim somebody's buying you shit".

One of the best tracks, and main reason why I bought this was because of the 5th track by DY. Not sure what his name stands for, but this dude is probably the only black dude from the 805 (also the name of the song) with a record deal. He has made a few appearances with Dominator and others from the 805. Dudes got skills and this is a favorite and overall a funky West Coast track.

Following DY is N'Land Clic's "Funk 4 Yo Trunk", another funky tune. This is the 2nd out of 3 times when this song was put on wax. Quick recap from a previous post: this was originally put out in 1993/4 by Fully Strapped (original group name), rehashed on this compilation with a new group name, and a third time in 2001 when the "I.E Riders" album was released. Fun fact, the only time the name N'land Clic is ever referenced is on the song "Grave Digga" and that's it.

The group N.O.T.S (Niggas Off The Street) has made a few appearances on Familia Records. The group is known for their beef with the Bloods and Crips from the "Bangin On Wax" (or "Bustas On Wax" as they call them) albums. On the street, they were the punks who popped off the pedo with Florencia back in the 90s (you know, the "racist gang feud" where the media labeled the cholos racist because they retaliated against a black gang).

Ese Daz had a bad ass solo track on here. The song is well produced and just an eerie description of being broke and out of options. The tune is laced with funky synthesizers, a distorted "More Bounce" minor sample, and an ode to Rick James at the end with the "lala lala lalalaaaaa". Speaking of sick samples, E/S Clic fucks up another firme instrumental with their terrible display of lyrical skills, they're as good at rapping as the Cowboys are at playing football, maybe why they're big Dallas fans. Yeah, I went there! R.I.P to the "Heart Breaker" sample.

I have no clue who Big Ink and Slip are, but the song sucks. Brown Intentions is another group not worth discussing. The Criminyls is a group worth looking into, they definitely have skill, lyrical grip and an interesting flow/ delivery. All I know is they're from Pacas (Pacoima) in the SFV. I've only heard one other song by them on "Chicano Rap Volume 3". Only downside to them is their beats are usually boring. Monteloco got a lot of love in this saga because he was featured quite a bit. However this is not his best song, nor a good way to end the album.

Last words, the fifth chapter once again has 13 tracks, something Murry should have done for all of the 7 (only volumes 3-6). The back insert displays "The Reality Book Soundtrack" which, to this day, I have not been able to locate the comic book yet. The best songs are tracks 5, 8, 6 and 1 (in that order) with an honorable mention of track 3.

01. Royal T - We Be Bouncin' & Rollin'
02. Ese Lil Rob - I Remember
03. Gangsta Tall - Got Ya Humpin' (feat. Big C)
04. The Knightowl - I Think I Better Warn Ya Its All About Cali
05. DY - 805
06. N'Land Clic - Funk 4 Yo Trunk
07. N.O.T.S - You Only Live Once Y.O.L.O
08. Spanish Fly - The Money
09. E/S Clic - Time To Get Crazy
10. Big Ink - The Gat Goes (feat. Slip)
11. Brown Intentions - Who Wants To F With Me
12. Criminyls - I See My Homies Gettin Faded
13. Monteloco - Cuidado

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