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VA - Southside Riders Volume 6 Chicano Rap

Volume 6 was one of the last albums I bought, not because it chronologically fit the picture, but because something just wasn't getting me on the hook. Stylistically, the cover art is very different. It is done in a comic book panel type of way over a purple paisley backdrop (yeah that's the name of the bandana design). This and the previous installment were stylized in Roman numerals (volumes V and VI) instead of the Hindu-Arabic numerical system (volumes 5 & 6). Yes, you just learned something new today, watcha. The insert cover is filled with promotional and upcoming (at the time) Familia Records releases. However the spine of the jewel case has a really aesthetically pleasant display (Old English and the color pallet were a good choice).

Moving on to the tracklist, the song "Str8t Jackin" was a dope way of kicking this off. In my previous posts, I've been very critical of E/S Clique and Brown Intentions, but the Monteloco feature really gave it flare. Not to mention the fact that each verse was rapped over a different instrumental, all on old school beats.

The second song by Lil Blacky has a good beat, sampled of Zapp and Roger. It features Wreck from Wicked Minds (R.I.P) and ODM. I get why every one who was down hated LSOB, and this song exemplifies why. To paraphrase Toker, ODM "talk(s) gangster shit but never busted a grape". I can admire the little that LSOB accomplished, but I will criticize ODM for not doing more for the game considering how he is a radio DJ for some station in the I.E.

In a conversation with a black dude many years ago, we were discussing Chicano Rap: its merits and its weaknesses. During that exchange he mentioned that he thought Mr. Shadow was one of the best voices in the genre, and I agree whole heartedly. The third song, and a recent favorite of mine, is "Can't Hide From Shadow". For years I skipped this song but goddamn it is one of Shadows exemplary rolas, he was an incredibly gifted emcee. You just can't go wrong with a "Flashlight" sample. However, when it comes to oldie samples, you can totally wreck it, and Knightowl does just that on "I'm Still Here".

Track number 5 by Triple C samples Prince's "Kiss". They get down on this, not sure if Dominator likes simple loops or what, but I think they could have done a little more with this. The next song isn't that bad, it's the first time I ever even listened to something with Li Squirrel (homie needs to do something about that name). The seventh song by The Sickos is great, this is a great sample and an even better colabo between Lil One and Gelo. I was somewhat perplexed about why La Clica (Clica One) was on here, considering that they're from Vegas and not affiliated with the Sur (to my knowledge).

Every once in a while I listen to one song that ruins another song for me, this was the case with E/S Clique's "Handing Out Beat Downs". They don't do any justice to Eazy-E's instrumental at all, "Real Muthaphukking G's" just doesn't sound the same after listening to E/S Clique's song.

Despite E/S Clique's numerous appearances, this installment ends on a high note: three of the last 4 tracks are great, the latter half being the best part. "Still Smokin'" part 1 and 2 are just a mash up of Lil Rob's debut album with a song or 2 thrown in the mix as extras. It also happens to be the title to the unofficial sophomore album by none other than LR The Great. My favorite part of the mash ups is when the song clip of "Do My Thing" ends with the line, "now fuck that shit up..." and the beat drops *BOOM *BOOM * CLAP* (repeat) until "Jump In The Ride" plays.

01. Brown Intentions - Str8t Jackin (feat. E/S Clique, Monteloco, E/S Pantos, Wino Family)
02. Lil Blacky - Duties Of Being Rich (feat. Wreck, O.D.M)
03. Mr. Shadow - Can't Hide From Shadow
04. Mr. Knightowl - I'm Still Here
05. Tripcle C - For My Dawgs
06. Wicked - I Played Wit Many Minds (feat. Lil Squirrel)
07. The Sickos - I'm Coming Over
08. La Clica - Do Or Die
09. E/S Clique - Handing Out Beat Downs
10. Mr. Lil One - We Ain't Right (feat. Gelo)
11. E/S Clique - To Giggilo (feat. The B.I)
12. Lil Rob - Still Smokin' Part 1
13. Lil Rob - Still Smokin' Part 2

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