Bloodline Flatline

[2009, Urban Kings Music Group]

Midget Loco - Bloodline Flatline Chicano Rap

Midget Loco - Bloodline Flatline Chicano Rap

01. Bloodline Flatline
02. LA Where You At
03. Cant Complain (feat. Fiesty Loco, Chino Grande)
04. I Keep It G (feat. Lil Minor, Stix, Lyrik)
05. The Streets Aint The Same (feat. Stomper)
06. The Loco And The Loca (feat. Ms. Krazie)
07. My Fantasy (So Fine) (feat. David Salas)
08. An Aztec Soul
09. Back On The Block (feat. Bigg Bandit, Angel Vega)
10. California Love (feat. Spanky Loco, Huero Snipes)
11. Freaky Lady (feat. Stix, Lil Minor, Lyrik)
12. Keep It Gangsta (feat. Travie, Stomper, J Hind)
13. West Coast South Side (feat. Mr. Toro, Youngster Loco)
14. Studio Gangsters (feat. Chino Grande, Travie, Jasper Loco)
15. Im Back
16. The Only Life I Know (feat. Rocky Padilla)
17. Cold Outside (feat. Chino Grande, Roscoe, Fingazz)
18. Life On A Come Up (feat. Chino Grande, Young Troubs)

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