Chicano Rap discographies section in the CalifaRap Community keeps on growing

Back in June we reported that we had started a one of kind section in our forum, the CalifaRap Community, a Chicano Rap discographies board. Ever since the opening it has been growing and growing including discographies by artists such as: Knightowl (aka Mr. Knightowl), Malow Mac, A.L.T, Baby Jokes, Brownside, Cali Life Style (aka CLS), Central Coast Clique (aka Triple C), Ese Lil Joker, JV, Lawless, Lil Menace, Madogg, Midget Loco, Mr. Chino Grande, O.G Spanish Fly, Proper Dos, Slush The Villain, Spanish Fly Wicked from Brownside, Wreck and many more. Besides artist discographies you will also find some compilations including Familia Records' classic compilation series "Southside Rider", SL Entertainment's classic compilation series "Chicano Rap Oldies" and many more. So far the total count of included discographies is 122 which equals even more single titles. So if you are no member of our forum yet make sure to register your free account by clicking here. Once you are member you are able to enter the section and to participate by adding to the growing selection of Chicano Rap discographies. Please keep in mind that the section includes the artwork, the tracklists but no free downloads!

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Ezko aka Knightmare returns to the Chicano Rap genre with new single "My Fault"

Ever since Knightmare and Knightowl released their video for the song "Watch It" back in 2011 I've been waiting for a full Knightmare Chicano Rap style album (click here to see the video). Now he, who in the meantime changed his name to Ezko and did some music with another style, is getting ready to release his album "Dia De La Independencia" early in 2018. The album which is supposed to be filled with 12 songs will have a mix of Ezko rapping in English and Spanish (Spanglish). Thanks to him we are able to bring you the audio of the album's 1st single called "Your Fault". For sure we will keep you updated about the "Dia De La Independencia" project whenever we hear something new about it.

Ezko - Your Fault

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Chito's "Beware Of The Slugg" got rereleased by Slugg Entertainment

In September we reported that Mr. Clever has been busy releasing a gang of albums but also that Slugg Entertainment released a couple of other releases. This includes the rerelease Chito's LP "Beware Of The Slugg" which got digitally remasterd. Features include Mr. Clever, Tiny Loco, legendary Rocky Padilla and the Organized Cartel. Amazon, Google Play and iTunes all carry the LP. Other titles that got released by Slugg Entertainment include Tiny's album "Mexican Tradition", "For The Hood" by Spook G as well as another Chito album called "Cartel Affiliated". All can be bought from the digital music stores mentioned above.

01. Pistolero Famoso
02. Where You At (feat. Mr. Clever)
03. Gang Injunction
04. Every Weekend
05. Ride With Us
06. Life As A Soldier
07. Killaz
08. Can't Trust No One
09. I Could See It In Your Eyes (feat. Tiny Loco)
10. High Times
11. Life Of A G (feat. Rocky Padilla)
12. Straight Banging (feat. Organized Cartel)
13. Streets Are Hard (feat. Tiny Loco)

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Dave Biggs returns with new album "After Midnight"

Some people probaby still remember Dave Biggs fomerly known as Big Dave who started his career on the Chicano Rap label Sickworld Entertainment where he also released his debut album "Livin Foul". After that he went on to release his 2nd solo album "Steel Ghetto". Dave also formed the group DownFall with Lyrik which released 2 full studio albums called "The Introduction" and "Late Night". His last solo album "The Mixx" was released in 2011. Over the years he also also been featured on a lof of releases by other artists due to his ability to sing. Now Dave Biggs is back with new solo effort called "After Midnight". The LP features Lyrik Cruz, Selo and Damon Reel. The style of the album is different from what we normally see on CalifaRap. As usual you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. When The Music Ends
02. Never Got You Back
03. I Promise
04. Come Down
05. Song Fades Out
06. Still Gotta Crush (feat. Lyrik Cruz)
07. Slow Dancing In The Storm
08. Playing Your Game
09. Best Of Me
10. There's A Song (feat. Selo, Damon Reel)

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Crime Family Entertainment released new Whyte Smoke album "Anxiety"

Mr. Criminal's label Crime Family Entertainment released Whyte Smoke's new album "Anxiety"about 2 weeks ago. The album which consists of 16 songs features Mr. Criminal himself, Dave Smooth, Bugsy, Crazy Boy, Diablo and Layzie Bone. Visitors that check our videos section from time to time have already seen that Whyte Smoke released 2 videos in September. First he he put out a video for a song called "Beast" which, according to the tracklist, didn't end up on the album. To watch the video click here. September 29th, the release date of the album, a 2nd video for the song "Powder Blow" hit YouTube. This time the track also ended up on the album. Click here to watch the video. As usual you are able to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital stores. Here's the full "Anxiety" tracklist:

01. Intro
02. Come Back
03. Peace Sign
04. Hold Up (feat. Dave Smooth)
05. Powder Blow
06. Blessed
07. Rainy Sky
08. Skit
09. Crime Family (feat. Bugsy)
10. New Death Row (feat. Crazy Boy, Diablo, Mr. Criminal)
11. Put My Bitch On It
12. Sentimental
13. Get It Crakkin (feat. Layzie Bone, Mr. Criminal)
14. Empty
15. Anxiety
16. Outro

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Annimeanz released "Cudahy Dope Boy" for free download

It has been quite some time since we have last reported about Annimeanz right here on CalifaRap. Let me tell you, that was not due to Annimeanz not being active in the music industry, it was more down to me who slept on his projects. October 1st, he released a brand new album/ mixtape called "Cudahy Dope Boy" which can be downloaded for free from by clicking on the link. If you want to support him you can also get a pressed copy directly from him by sending him a message to his official Instagram profile. "Cudahy Dope Boy" consists of 9 banging tracks and features Young Hu$tle, GT and Sick Nasty. Annimeanz has already 3 videos for the songs "The Intro", "Dirty 30" and "Loyalty Is Everything" which can all be seen by clicking on the links below.

01. The Intro
02. Broke Dream
03. Dirty 30
04. Loyalty Is Everything
05. In The Trench (feat. Young Hu$tle)
06. We Came Up (feat. GT)
07. Understand
08. IDK (feat. Sick Nasty)
09. My Ex

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Mr. Capone-E album #10 out of 12 is out now

After presenting his compilation "Sounds Of The SouthSide... Hi Power Homies" in September is Mr. Capone-E back with album #10 out of 12. This time it's a new solo LP called "On Memory Lane". The album features Clumsybeatz, J-One and Snoop Dogg. So far no video has been released for the album but Hi Power Entertainment leaked 2 full songs to YouTube. The 1st track which was uploaded is called "Road To Success" and features J-One. The 2nd track which was uploaded is called "Cold Hearted". Both tracks can heard by clicking on the respective link in the tracklist. If you like what you hear you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. I'm sure Mr. Capone-E will release at least one video for the album the next days, so keep checking back.

01. Memory Intro
02. The Ghetto (feat. Clumsybeatz)
03. Us Against The World (feat. J-One)
04. Yoo
05. Kobe (feat. Snoop Dogg)
06. Saved My Soul (feat. Clumsybeatz, J-One)
07. Road to Success (feat. J-One)
08. Between The Lines (feat. Clumsybeatz)
09. Cold Hearted
10. Told Stories Skit
11. Life Of A Gangster
12. Miss Ya Pac [CLUMSY REMIX]
13. Memory Outro

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Solo Sinatra released 3rd album of the year "Doppelgangers"

After releasing 2 albums earlier this year, "Cash Over Ass" and "Between Two Worlds", is Solo Sinatra already back with his 3rd album of the year called "Doppelgangers". The new LP which hit online stores yesterday features artists such as his C.O.A Click partner Siete, Sleepy Malo, Gangster Twist, Twist, Lennox, Anita Blunt, Ese Venom and Rio. As usual you are able to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores. I just finished listening to the album on Spotify and need to say that it's a really good release, so make sure to give it a listen. In other news you can also check out Solo Sinatra's latest video for the song "Bad Girl" which is taken from from the "Cash Over Ass" album by clicking here.

01. Mine Fucked (feat. Siete)
02. Cali Dipping (feat. Sleepy Malo, Gangster Twist)
03. Wild Wild West (Solo) (feat. Twist 1)
04. Bold & Cautious
05. Don't Want Your Girl
06. Return Of The Dead
07. Still Rollin (feat. Sleepy Malo, Gangster Twist)
08. Take Me Down (feat. Lennox, Anita Blunt)
09. DayDreaming
10. G Like The Yakuza (feat. Siete, Sleepy Malo, Gangster Twist)
11. Look North (feat. Ese Venom)
12. In Control (feat. Rio)
13. I Do Love You
14. Go To The Father
15. How You Living
16. Freaky Tales (feat. Siete)

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Low Profile Records is set to release "Brown Pride Riders Vol. 5"

People that follow the official Low Profile Records Instagram or Facebook page already know that they have been really busy lately working on their upcoming album "Brown Pride Riders Vol. 5". Yes you read right, the infamous compilation series is going in its 5th round, 11 years after volume 4 got released. Featured artists include Royal T, Lil Bandit, Kush Boy, Rob aka O.B, Bizz, Mr. Shadow, Mr. Knightowl and more. So far there is no word on when the album will be released exactly but it shouldn't take that long as they had the cover photoshoot a couple of days ago. For sure we will bring you the full album information once it's out. In the meantime you can check the above mentioned pages as they do often go live to show you what they are working on or just to interact with the fans.

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Southland Gangsters released new album "The Next Episode"

The new Southland Gangsters album "The Next Episode" was released September, 29th. With a little delay the digital version finally hit online stores yesterday. The LP features artists such as Mister D, Hillside, Lil Saint, Enemy, Big Al, Big Lazy, Bobby Southland aka Ese Bobby, The K.A.S, O.G Triggs, Frank V, Lady Diva, Kryptonite, O.G Ese Trouble, Criz Beetz and Big Hutch aka Cold 187um. Yesterday they also released the 1st video for the track "You Know The Deal" which can be seen by clicking here or by clicking on the link in the tracklist. As far as I know they already shot a 2nd video for the song "Crime Pays" which should be out the next weeks, so be on the lookout for that as well. As usual you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or all other digital music stores. If you have trouble finding your physical copy you can get it directly from SL Entertainment over at their official eBay page by clicking here.

01. VA - West Coast Radio Intro
02. Lil Saint - It's The Real Deal (feat. Mister D, Hillside)
03. The K.A.S - Crime Pays (feat. Lil Saint, Enemy, Big Al, Mister D)
04. Hillside - So Deep In The Game (feat. Lil Saint, Mister D)
05. The K.A.S - You Know The Deal (feat. Big Al, Mister D, Hillside, Lil Saint, Big Lazy, Bobby Southland)
06. Mister D - Southland Thing (feat. Trejo, Big Lazy, Hillside)
07. Lil Saint - All I Wanna Do (feat. Hillside, The K.A.S, Big Al, Big Lazy)
08. Lil Saint - Click Clack (feat. Big Al, Bobby Southland, O.G Ese Trouble)
09. O.G Triggs - Triggs Radio
10. Lil Saint - Creeping And Crawling (feat. The K.A.S, Hillside, Mister D, Frank V)
11. Lil Saint - So Unreal (feat. Mister D, Hillside)
12. Cold 187um - I Don't Care (feat. Hillside, Lil Saint, Bobby Southland, Mister D, Breana)
13. Hillside - When I Die (feat. Big Al, Mister D)
14. Big Al - Ridin' High (feat. Bobby Southland, Hillside, Criz Beetz)
15. Big Hutch - All Day And All Night (feat. Big Hutch, Lil Saint, Hillside, Big Al)
16. Frank V - West Coast Radio Show [FREESTYLE SESSION] (feat. Kryptonite) [BONUS TRACK]
17. O.G Triggs - Southside Sureno [BONUS TRACK]
18. Lady Diva - My Intentions Are Good [BONUS TRACK]

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Malow Mac released "All White Roses" sampler

End of July Malow Mac released his latest solo LP "Notorious" through M.O.B.G Entertainment. Now he's already back with a new release called "All White Roses". The album contains 20 smooth songs which are taken from previous Malow Mac albums and features artists such as Fingazz, NB Ridaz, Mr. Criminal and more. For now you can get the album from Google Play or listen to it over at Spotify. I'm sure Amazon and iTunes will follow the next days. In other news he confirmed that he is also working on volume 3 of his "West Coast Alliance" compilation series. So far there is no word on when the compilation will be out, but for sure we will let you know once it got released. Here's the "All White Roses" tracklist:

01. All White Roses
02. Shorty Come And Roll With Me (feat. Samantha)
03. I Rather Be Your T.H.U.G.G
04. Feeling You (feat. Natalie)
05. Cruising The Streets
06. Im Not Your Puppet
07. My Angel
08. My Candy Lady
09. Arms Around A Soldier
10. Do You Wanna Get High
11. My Gangster Girl
12. A Little Oldie Jam
13. Never Giving Up On You (feat. Fingazz)
14. Flawless (feat. Bobby Anthony)
15. Always Gone (feat. NB Ridaz)
16. So Fine (feat. Mr. Criminal)
17. Cloud 9 (feat. NB Ridaz)
18. Summertime Loving
19. Just Want To Play With You
20. You Could Run The Streets (feat. Legendary Mafia)

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Santa Maria based artist Wyno Loc released self-titled LP

Santa Maria based artists Wyno Loc released his self-titled LP through Get It Life Music a couple of days ago. Interestingly the album does only include one feature by Lil Cuete, something which is really rare these days if you ask me. You can preview the song "They Know" by clicking here or by clicking on the link in the tracklist. As usual you are able to get your digital copy from all online stores including Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. People that haven't heard about Wyno Loc before can also check out a video he released for a track called "Let's Go" in 2016 over at YouTube by clicking here. As you can see below the song is not featured on the album.

01. All Us
02. Realest In The Game
03. Bout That Bizness
04. They Know
05. Down The Blvd
06. The Money
07. Different Flow (feat. Lil Cuete)
08. Live It Up
09. Brand New
10. In The Mix
11. Got Me Fucked Up
12. Hard Time In The Paint Pt. 2
13. Idgafay
14. Birthday Song
15. My Drank

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The K.A.S released new single and video but has no plan to release new LP

Back in 2016 The K.A.S formerly known as Lil Kasper released a video for the song "Welcome To L.A". In case you haven't seen the video yet just click here. Since Febuary the single has also been available for purchase from all online dealers. Just a few weeks ago he released another video for the song "Like A G Ride" which is taken from his 2nd solo album "Hood Premiere", a LP which was released by SL Entertainment in 2015. Some people might still remember that SL Entertainment released a trailer for the video which was never completed back then. To watch the trailer click here. To watch the full video click here. Just a couple of days ago The K.A.S released a new single and video called "Leather & Kush" which can be seen by clicking here. If you like what you hear you can buy the track from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other online stores. The cover for the "Welcome To L.A" single says that the song is taken from the upcoming album "All Or Nothin". The other day I asked him about the record and he said that he won't release it anytime soon. For now he is supposed to release a couple of more new songs as singles. If that does always include a video for each song remains to be seen. For sure we will let you know once a new song hits the internet, so keep checking back.

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Download Blacky Montana's mixtape "Since The 9 Vol. 1" for free

Crime Family Entertainment recording artist Blacky Montana released his new mixtape "Since The 9 Vol. 1" yesterday. The mixtape which can be downloaded for free from by clicking on the link features artists such as Paul Daniel, Diablo, Bullet On The Beat, Grammy Boi, Xican Brown and Bozo. Back in late 2015 he already released a video for the song "I Put On For My City" which can be seen by clicking on the link in the tracklist. Over at you'll also find 2 more mixtapes featuring Blacky Montana from 2014. In other news he was supposed to release his new studio LP "The Get Rite Album" on September, 22nd. When I checked Google Play for it earlier today it was not yet available. For sure we will bring you the news as soon as the album is out, so keep an eye open.

01. I Put On For My City
02. Going Crazy
03. Regardless (feat. Paul Daniel)
04. No More (feat. Diablo)
05. My Bitch (feat. Bullet On The Beat)
06. 2 Twisted N The Middle (feat. Paul Daniel)
07. Where You From(feat. Grammy Boi)
08. It Don't Matter To Me (feat. Bullet On The Beat, Xican Brown)
09. Ruthless (feat. Bozo)

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"City Of Gun Smoke" by Mr. Clever is out now

Santa Ana, Orange County based rapper Mr. Clever has been really busy over the last couple of years dropping album after album. One of his latest releases is his solo LP "City Of Gun Smoke" which was released by Slugg Entertainment August, 1st. The album features artists such as Organized Cartel, The Cartel Side, Spookie, Tiny and Chito Loco. You can preview the full song "Straight Banging" featuring Organized Cartel by clicking here or by clicking on the link in the tracklist. If you are interested in the album you can get your digital version from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Over there you are also able to preview or pick up all other Mr. Clever and Slugg Entertainment releases.

01. Straight Banging (feat. Organized Cartel)
02. Gang Injunction (feat. The Cartel Side)
03. Ponte Listo (feat. Spookie, Tiny, Chito Loco)
04. Live From S.A (feat. Chito Loco)
05. Cartel Side Riders (feat. The Cartel Side)
06. Problems (feat. Tiny)
07. Fuck The Law (feat. Spookie)
08. Mexican Tradition (feat. Tiny)
09. This Is My Hood (feat. Tiny)
10. Thugging Till I Die (feat. Chito)

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