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Pactown Riders III Chicano Rap

Pactown Riders III Chicano Rap

01. Various - Intro
02. Solo - Balling (feat. Ace, Sleepy)
03. Sleepy Malo - Aquaman
04. Spanky Spank A Hoe - Tell Them Were You From
05. Venom - Barrel To You're Face (feat. Suspect, Cheeko)
06. Conejo - Lay Low
07. Nefarious Mexica - Why Must I
08. Vic The Grinch - Ring Around The Rosie's
09. Sleepy Malo - Pacoima CA
10. MC Jolo - Any Body Killa
11. Crazy G - Born And Raised
12. Nefarious Mexica - Back Yard Volo
13. Ace - This Is MOBG (feat. Sleepy Malo)
14. Gangster Twist - City Of Gs (feat. Spanky Spank A Hoe)
15. Crazy G - Money Over Here
16. Sleepy Malo - We're You From (feat. Gangster Twist, Nefarious Mexica)
17. Conejo - This Is C Rock
18. Pnut - All Day Every Day
19. Coneja - If Only You Knew
20. Conejo - Same Game [EXTENDED]
21. Various - Outro

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