California Raised

[???, ???]

Ese Lil One - California Raised Chicano Rap

01. California Raised (feat. J-Locc)
02. Takde A Ride With Me (feat. SSOL, Carmen)
03. Just Another Day (feat. Sara S)
04. Click Bang (feat. Frank V, Loco Sniper)
05. Still Staying Strong (feat. Sara S)
06. Here We Go Again (feat. Lloy Popp)
07. My Number One (feat. Dominator, Young G, Sara S)
08. Picasso Bloque
09. Party (feat. SSOL, Dominator, Sara S)
10. Still In The Hood
11. Summer Breeze (feat. Sara S, Mr. Lento, Young Dopes)
12. Hating On Me
13. Potion (feat. Marro, Young Dopes)
14. Blaze It Up
15. When We Ride (feat. Young Dopes, Dominator)
16. Lado A Lado (feat. Mr. Lento, Mr. Yosie Lokote)
17. Where We Come From (feat. Lil Vandal, Lil Panch)

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