Jasper Loco - 2 Much To Lose Chicano Rap

Earlier this week did former Charlie Row Campo member Jasper Loco release his latest studio album "2 Much To Lose" through Chin Check Entertainment. The LP features artists such as Bigg Bandit, Poison The Don, King Lil G, Seven, Spanky Loco and more. To stream it you can move over to Spotify or Tidal. The digital version can be bought from Amazon or iTunes. According to Chin Check Entertainment pressed copies are available as well. For more informatiom about that you can hit them up on Instagram.

01. Claim King (feat. Bigg Bandit)
02. Pistol Packin (feat. Bigg Bandit, Poison The Don)
03. Hustle In My DNA (feat. Bigg Bandit)
04. About My Payroll (feat. Midaswell)
05. All Gas No Breaks (feat. King Lil G)
06. On The Scene (feat. Bigg Bandit, Cyc's The Profit)
07. Live By The Code (feat. Bigg Bandit)
08. That's All Day (feat. Cyc's The Profit)
09. Hustler's Dream (feat. Bigg Bandit, Cyc's The Profit)
10. 2 Much To Lose (feat. IamBillyDee)
11. Whatcha Know About That
12. You & Me (feat. Bigg Bandit)
13. Making Moves (feat. Seven, Spanky Loco)

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