Dedicated To The OG's

[2011, Urban Kings Music Group]

Midget Loco - Dedicated To The OG's Chicano Rap

Midget Loco - Dedicated To The OG's Chicano Rap

01. Thirteen Letters (feat. D. Salas)
02. I Stay Down (feat. D. Salas)
03. Aqui Estoy Midget Loco
04. Sunday High (feat. Cecy B, D. Salas)
05. Come Fuck With Me (feat. Big Dave, D. Salas)
06. Dedicated To The OG's (feat. D. Salas)
07. Sucka MC's
08. Would You Prefer (feat. D. Salas)
09. California Raised (feat. D. Salas)
10. Born In The Struggle (feat. Lyrik)
11. Gangster Love (feat. Cecy B, D. Salas)
12. Bangin In My House Shoes (feat. D. Salas)
13. A G Like Me
14. We Some Gangsters (feat. D Real, X Man)
15. Ride Or Die
16. I Tried [BONUS TRACK] (feat. Fiesty 2 Guns, Tripper)

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