First Loco At The Street

[2011, Urban Kings Music Group]

Midget Loco - First Loco At The Street Chicano Rap

01. We Run It (feat. Toro, Young Brown, Doll-E Girl, Big Dave)
02. Flatslife (feat. Mr. Groove)
03. Steel Banging Loco
04. Summer Season (feat. Chino Grande, D. Salas, Lil Blue)
05. In My Pendleton (feat. Fiesty 2 Guns, Lyrik)
06. Back To The Old School
07. Like A Hustler
08. Death Of Studio Gangsters [REMIX]
09. We Keep It Steady (feat. Lyrik, D I, Lil Man)
10. Murder (feat. Gang Starr, Macy Gray, Mos Def)
11. Im An Urban King
12. No Regrets (feat. Lyrik)
13. Thats Just Life
14. Stay Up
15. You Aint Got No Shine
16. We Riding (feat. J Brown, Lyrik)
17. All About My Paper (feat. J Brown, Lyrik)
18. BangBangBang
19. Everyday (feat. Chino Grande, Bigg Bandit)

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