The Young Don

[2006 ???, Underworld 805 Records]

Rebel - The Young Don Chicano Rap

Rebel - The Young Don Chicano Rap

01. Bout That (feat. Brown Hood, Cazual)
02. Walk With Me (feat. Cazual, Raskal, Lorence Michaels)
03. Better Than Us (feat. Dominator, Monteloco)
04. Hustle Everyday (feat. Crazy Boy, Baby G)
05. Everybody Move It (feat. T-Dre, Rush)
06. 805 Big Pimpin [805 REMIX] (feat. Crazy Boy, Young Creeps, Baby G)
07. Get Blown (feat. South Central Cartel)
08. When Geez Ride (feat. Young Creeps)
09. Gee Shit (feat. Crazy Boy, Dominator)
10. In Da Club (feat. 805 All Stars)
11. 805 Fo Life (feat. Kognak, Cazual)
12. Remain The Same (feat. Cazual, Keez)
13. On My Block (feat. Cali Life Style)

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