[2003, Thump Records]

Scrappy Loco - Scrappy-Loco Chicano Rap

Scrappy Loco - Scrappy-Loco Chicano Rap

01. Hello
02. West Coast Do Or Die (feat. Mr. Capone-E)
03. I Come From
04. You Know
05. We Came To Party
06. Pimpin' All Tha Hoes
07. Rain Drops
08. Ain't Hot No Money
09. That's The Way We Roll
10. She's Nasty
11. When It Comes 2 The Streets (feat. Mr. Capone-E)
12. Pop Pop Got You Homie (Freestyle)
13. Don't Have A Lot Of Time
14. Never Leave Me Alone
15. Outro - Gotta Go

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