#01 When is the "I Am Legend" mixtape dropping and how is it different from "The Antichrist" and "Scarface2" and will it have any features?

"I Am Legend" is right around the corner posted up, about to drop real soon homie and the only difference between this one and the other 2 is that it won't be hosted by Ernie G. It's going to be all me. Personally I don't like to wait when it comes to dropping my shit. As soon I get it back from mastering it goes directly to the pressing plant and then to the streets. This is just a fucken mixtape there is no reason for it to take so long to touch down, you feel me?! Ernie G is my brother and I got major love for him but he got to much on his plate right now - all focus has been on the "God Bless The Trap", one of the most anticipated mixtapes (shout out to: Badnews Jokaboy & the homeboy Buyo). Like I said it's going to be all me the only feature on there is "Fasten Your Seat Belt" with Bugsy & Intocables with Venom. Me, I don't need a bunch of features on my albums. I could hold shit down on the solo tip, it's nothing to me. And that is what some of these fools out there right now need to learn, to stop depending on other rappers to build there own buzz.

#02 When it comes to your mixtapes do you choose your own beats?

I don't let anyone choose nothing for me. If it comes to me doing a feature for some one else then of course they going to choose the beat, but no matter who they are I make sure that I come off g'd the fuck up you know what im saying?! Ima make sure they get what they ask for, so that in return when they do something for me they don't send me something weak, something they wrote in 5 minutes or that they just free styled live on the spot. It's like that "Soldier Of Love" on the "God Bless the Trap" mixtape, which was my idea. There was a couple of tracks I could of jumped on for that but I knew what my boy Ernie G could do with something like that, (Sade) not to mention D boy rappers : Badnews & Jokaboy - from the Flats.

#03 How long you been doing music with Ernie G?

Since the second half of the 90's back at Steve Yano's Skanless Records Studios in Alhambra. I used to be all up that muthafucker drinking, smoking primoís, slamming heroin and hitting up on the walls of the room were you would do your vocals. I did that "World Of Sin" with Frank V there and that "Killer From The West" off the "Shady" album and that "Jailbreak" off that "Fallen Angel" album. Ernie G has been like a secret weapon of mine and his production has been invaluable when it come's to the music I make. So all you new producers coming with your lame ass computer beats with no soul, no spirit, no life need to peep how a true muthafucken legend been doing it and go back to the muthafucken drawing board and comeback with something viable something original, something the streets could respect and don't step to my boy asking for a beat if your ass can't bring the muthafucken thunder.

#04 Do you have plans for a new solo album?

Yeah, I'm about to hit you muthafuckers with my new album "The Puppet Master Curse". The title is an allegory, a visible symbol representing an abstract idea. It's on some shit like I'm the one that pulls the strings up in this bitch (I influence C-rap) and muthafuckers look to me for guidance to show them the way. Put it this way, if there album aint got a 16 by me it ain't finished, I'm that element that's needed. Even my enemys wish they could get there hands on this alchemy. So from where I stand it's a curse being the puppet master, especially when the shit gets saturated with so much fakeness and wack shit that Big C Rock got to come through and snatch muthafuckers out that fantasy world and school them to the game. Ima be boop - bopping all these lames on this one - you know, solid album strong lyrics & dope beats and features to a minimum like it should be for a puppet masMer.

#5 Whose on Notorious Enemy Records?

The prime suspects, the ones that were there from the beginning are the same ones there now. We don't have that problem were muthafuckers are constantly jumping ship starting there own thing. That shit don't even look right, its like this: If I go, then my whole team go with me. But if the question was: If you could bring anyone aboard Notorious Enemy, Felony Case who would it be? I'd answer that by saying: I'd bring Spanky Loco, Huero Snipes, West Coast City Geez, Chino Grande and the homie Lil Lazy over to the label on some Knights of the Round Table type of shit - plus Im the minister of defense when it comes to my High Caliber family so they would be all up in the fucken mix to - you know what im saying?!

#6 How is it for you to knock out an album?

As long as the inspiration is there - then I'mm there - all in keeping 100 with all of you, and my life gives me plenty of inspiration if you know what I mean. I Ching says "before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos". I'll never run out of shit to rap about even I did have no beats. Cause for me, it's a rare thing to write song's to a track, but the mystical thing about it - is that when I do get a track it's always a perfect marriage like it was destined for the 2 to become 1: pure magic. Everything begins with an idea and all I got to do is follow through 1. track it 2. mix it 3. master it 4. press it and last but not least where you get the most satisfaction cause you know it'll soon be in the hands of the fans 5. slang it. I knock shit out homeboy, I don't need a fucken year to put something out, I aint gonna do the fans like that, even in this fucked up situation that I'm in. To me someone that takes a year or longer to put something out like an album a mixtape a feature a video or what ever the fuck - just aint hungry for this shit, they need to hang there fucken gloves up. I could see that happen if you got a major release coming on a major label or your shit is done but you just haven't landed the right distribution deal but other than that there shouldn't be any excuse unless your wack and you need time to work on your skills (some advice) get a ghost writer or some shit but just hurry the fuck up or fall back and don't release nothing at all. And as of lately there's been a lot of shameless muthafuckers coming out stunting like they stars with there sorry ass computer beats & albums, dying for attention instead of being in the cut perfecting there craft they over here trying to act like they on the same level as the big dogs.

#7 Will there ever be an "Imperial 2"?

I seriously doubt it, when the chance was there muthafuckers slept on it, so I just kept moving forward. Everybody want to do a colabo album with C-O-N but honestly its hard to find muthafuckers that can hang with me, cause I aint trying to carry nobody. There's a few righteous homies out there that I know we could make some classic shit go down but everything got to fall into place just right or else im not fucking with it. Talking about something is one thing but actually making it crack is another, for instance: what am I and what are you going to get out of me making some fucken computer album with no chemistry? I do concept albums so if the concept aint there I won't be either: plain & simple my boy. "Imperial 2" r.i.p.

#8 How many albums in the bootleg series do you plan on dropping?

I'm about to flood the whole muthafucken game with a gang of bootleg volumes. 1 through 4 are classic's no matter how you see it, that's over 40 songs of mobster shit that hit the streets homie. They aint for no ass punk radio station: radio shows or none of them muthafuckers crying cause my music don't sound the way they want it to sound. I know who my music is for so I don't expect no black, asian or white muthafuckers going out and picking up my shit. When I see them involving us in there projects, that they go out of there way to put us on there albums then maybe I'll cater to there ears but until then: fuck em - this right here is for us. So all that brown & black shit that's going down in the music scene out here in Southern Cali right now I don't care for it, it's like whatever to me. You just won't catch me pushing that bullshit, I'll probably put a black r&b bitch on a hook but I aint going to have no black muthafucker saying nigga on my shit homie how the fuck is that gonna sound when I got muthafuckers thats certified in the books listening to my shit. I sat back for the most part of the fucken year and let some of these other cats get a chance to shine but there time is up and once again its my turn.

#9 What ever happened to the Brownside Conejo album?

If it was gonna happen it would of happen by now. I aint the type of muthafucker to be sitting on ideas for a long time. If ima do it - ima do it - if not, on to the next project. I will tell you this though: we did record a track called "Street Life", it was produced by Ol'Boy from Above The Law and the few people that heard it say it's FIRE, I might just leak that shit next week and let the fans have it for free. Also I just got word that Kast N Fame turned down doing a brand new C-O-N mixtape I had ready for them. I even wrote some custom made shit and put it to the side apart from that mixtape just in case it were to go down in the lab (concept album), so I don't know what the fuck there trip is but that's there loss. Me, I don't need no fucken body in the game no rapper no producer no label no nothing if I reach out to get something like that done its not for my benifit, it's for yours'. I'm from L.A, the home of the realest muthafuckers in the world and they riding with me but thats because "I Do Me " not because I put this fool or that fool on my shit - I give a fuck about all that wanna be fake ass Hollywood shit. I already ran into to many scary ass CEOs - half ass managers and bucket ass record companys talking a good one, so if tommorow the whole music industry were to shut down I would still be able to pop open the trunk and serve that C-O-N with no problems.

#10 What was it like in the 90s when you did your first demos?

I've mentioned this before, just ask anybody from L.A that was banging in the 90s what it is was like and that's what it was like for me. My hood has always been deep as fuck and known for high impact crimes so that's always been reflected in my music since the beginning. As a matter a fact I was the first muthafucker to come out banging, saying my barrio west side HPS dead end all over my shit and the proof is there. So when it comes to that real active gang member shit from the streets: I'm the godfather of that.

#11 What is your favorite Conejo album and why?

I got favorite songs from all my albums, they're like photo albums to me. Every time im working on a new album it becomes my favorite but just until I start working on something new and that process repeats itself over and over. Right now I am 100% finished with "The Puppet Master Curse" but I haven't been able to put it out cause the fucken mixtape been holding shit up.

#12 Can you name some chicano or latin rappers that you think are dope?

Homie I'm over here relaxing, maintaining listening to Bach & Beethoven, I just drop in from time to time and get the scoop on what's popping and what's not. I don't really give a fuck about naming rappers I think are dope... But right now everyone over at High Caliber are the dopest in the game. There production is unique there rime styles are raw and there buzz is authentic and they some real muthafuckers from some real L.A street gangs - what's doper than that?!

#13 What ever happend to your DVD documentary?

My attorney advised me to hold up on that for now.

#14 Do you practice martial arts?

Sun Tzu says "All warfare is based on deception". So let's just say I take care of myself.

#15 Do you think the Chicano Rap game is on life support?

Chicano rap has died and been resurected a gang of times already. You see we got alot of lame muthafuckers begging for deals on fake ass labels right now doing everything they can, all for nothing looking stupid knowing damn well there aint no real deals out there for us. On top of all that: they're straight up fucken wack there's only couple of fools out there that really know how to rap and how to produce beats and know what they are doing, and all bullshit aside, there's only a few of us (friend & foe) that are keeping this thing of ours alive.

#16 How do you feel about people trying to say your racist cause of your past comment's towards Bloods & Crips in your raps?

Look I'm not racist, I'm just from the streets and you already know how it goes down. I aint got no problems with blacks we grew up around them you know black smokers, black junkies, black bums, black regulars black bitches, black g's black pimps, black hustlers etc. Bloods & Crips that live around my neighborhood ' we bang on some of them and we're cool with others - that's just the way things are. Also when you are in the system everybody knows the game ' we keep to ourselves and if it's on with them, then it's on with them and that's what it is.

#17 Your fan's want to know when you are coming home?

I am at home, what are you talking about, don't you see all the shit I've done, all the work I put in - I've stayed active. It's more than some of these so called "rappers" that are just sitting around looking dumb ass fuck getting there cheap ass record labels tatted on them talking about they getting it in and that they doing the damn thing - is that some type of joke or something? I'm running c-rap you know what im saying ' I'm letting it be known motherfuckers can't fuck with me on NO LEVEL. My shit is the real motherfucken deal homie aint nothing that comes out of me that sounds like somebody else. Fools still be wanting to sound like the next muthafucker like we aint going to notice ? When Lil Rob came out everybody jumped on his dick and wanted to sound like him, when muthafuckers got hip to Sick Jacken the same thing happend, Omar Cruz come on the scene now all of a sudden we got a bunch of imitation Omar Cruz's running around. It's like this: one half is stuck in the past and the other half just runs around and bite off each other using black rapper features thinking they going to get a hit. Its cool you trying to get your name out there and all that but muthafuckers be doing way to much. First learn how to rap how to hold shit down on your own before you try to push that garbage on these streets.

#18 What's your view on global issues?

For a long time I felt like I didn't give a fuck, like I had my own issues, my own problems to worry about. True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us - Socrates.

#19 What is a day in the life of Conejo like?

Always watching my back, writing rimes and alot of sleepless nights...

#20 Any shout outs?

Everybody involved in the chicano rap game, friend or foe stay the fuck up, know this :that no matter what - I got love for this shit right here and ima hold it down to the fullest.

C Mack : Notorious Enemy felony Case

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