#01 Sup Willie, how‘s life treating you?

What’s up carnal! I’ve been firme homie. Lifes been a roller coaster ride homie with it’s up and downs you know how it goes.

#02 So what have you been up to lately?

Just stackin up the tracks and trying to keep the homies and family from getting locked up. You know how it is on these streets.

#3 Lately there has been a flyer going around about a new release from Cell Block. Can you tell us more about this release?

C-mon it’s the newest CD that we are about to drop on the block (Cell Block). The name of the CD is „Affiliated Chapter 2 … Until The End”.

#4 Who is featured on this album?

Beside myself (Wicked Willie) we got Mr. Enemy, OG Triggs, Bones, Knuckles, Soldier, Santos, Lady Lushes, Temper, Big casper and Creeper which are all artist of Cell Block Ent. Out side of the block we got the homie Bigg Bandit from Gang Bang Music, and the og homie Rocky Padillia from RPG Ent. We got a couple more features but are still finalizing the track list! Once the track list is complete it then moves to the mixing and mastering process and then out to flood the streets with that Cell Block heat!!!

#05 So what other albums or mixtapes can we expect to hear after this album?

OG Triggs‘ solo album which is not titled yet, “Brown Impowerment” a mixtape from Bones, “California Connected” a Cell Block Ent mixtape, “South Side War Stories” a compilation as well as a couple of solo albums from Cell Block artists.

#06 Who is on Cell block Ent?

Wicked Willie, Enemy, Lady Lushes, Soldier, OG Triggs, Bones, Knuckles, Santos, Creeper, Temper, Lil Giant, G Boy, Big Casper, Johnny Blue, Conejo HHG and Sparky. There are a couple more but they are torcido right now and when its confirmed will put’em on blast!

#07 Any concerts or car shows coming up for the camp?

A lot of people have been hitting us up but right now we are focused on getting the CD out. But we will defenetly keep you updated on future shows!

#08 What do you think of the chicano rap game right now?

I think that a lot of vatos are mislead in this game. CEOs are not letting them know how it is from the gate which could cause conflicts in the future! To many vatos think they are going to get in the game and be rich tomorrow cause they are the best rapper in the world or they are the realist in the game. You know how it goes since that’s how everyone thinks, and all you vatos on the streets and in the rap game know exactly what im talking about. I spit the truth and i don’t care if anyone takes it wrong. It's reality so deal with it! I‘m going to tell you like this if you don’t got hustle don’t think your going to get in the game and get rich over night, it just don’t go down like that! Also some vatos put a lot of time, work and money into this and instead of our people buying it and sur-porting our jente they hit that lime wire and kazaa shit and download that shit. I personally take that as disrespect to a vato who put all that time and hard work and not to be compensated for it. And all them vatos that be bootlegging do your thing, but fair warning if me or the homies catch you bootlegging that Cell Block Ent shit it‘s on and crackin on site!

#09 Well thanks for your time. Any shoutouts or anything you would like to say to your fans?

Gracias a tee homie and before I go I just want to say gracias to all the sur-porters of that Cell Block Ent clicka and to all my soldados torcido me and the homies are holding it down out here homie hope to see you all soon so stay sucker free and keep it g! All the homies that are no longer walking this earth rest in peace I‘ll see you when i get there! To my second family that notorious Cell Block Ent stay on point and loyalty means everything! Con todos mi respecto y mucho amor, Mr. Wicked Willie C-E DOUBLE L B-L-O-C-K ENT till the wheels fall off, but then we are still rollin on rims ese!

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